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The Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea 12 inch mattress is one of the best values in memory foam mattresses on the market. At $290 for a queen size you would be hard pressed to find this quality at a better price. Zinus sent me a free mattress for review to see what I thought.


You can purchase this mattress directly from Amazon for $289. It is also Prime eligible so you can get is shipped for free and delivered to your door in a couple days. You can even sign up for mattress removal via Amazon starting at $79 where someone will remove your old mattress to make way for the new one. You can schedule a time within a 3 hour window.

A better deal is to get the mattress direct from Zinus.com. Sleep Sherpa visitors get a 10% discount through this link which makes the total price for a queen, $261. You also get free shipping!


This mattress weighs about 75 lbs. So you may need some help getting it in the house. It comes compressed like most of the other foam mattresses I have reviewed. Below is an overview of the mattress.


I think a big reason why this mattress is so inexpensive is that it is made in China. That said, it is CertiPUR – US Certified.

As far as construction it is made as follows:

  • 3 inches Memory Foam, 2 inches Comfort Foam, 3.5 inches Airflow High-density Foam, 3.5 inches Airflow High-density Base Support Foam

This adds up to 12 inches of depth.

I couldn’t find any information listing the densities of each layer but I found that the layers work well together and you don’t notice any harsh transitions.

The reason this mattress is called the Green Tea mattress is that it is infused with green tea extract to keep the mattress fresh. I did notice that it had a nicer smell than a typical foam mattress but you could still smell some of the memory foam chemicals, I don’t think that can be avoided. The green tea scent does linger though after the mattress is done off gassing.


I found this mattress to be on the softer end of the spectrum although my wife found it to be a more medium to medium firm. I am heaver than her which would account for the difference in feel. That said, this mattress should accommodate all sleep styles. It is extremely versatile and gives great support. I think that’s the reason why it has so many positive reviews on Amazon.

This mattress absorbs motion very well. Below is a video of me dropping my bowling ball on it.

Here it is in slow motion:

This mattress is on par with most newer memory foam mattresses I have slept on in term of heat retention. I tested this mattress out in July and did not find myself waking up hot. Below is an infrared video which shows how quickly heat dissipates from the mattress


I am very impressed with this mattress from Zinus. I also recently reviewed their iCoil model which I thought was nice but this one is much better with pressure relief and overall comfort. One drawback is that there is only a 30 day return period. That doesn’t give you a whole lot of time to test it out to see if its a good fit but it is enough.  Many of the brands I have reviewed have at least a 100 day trial period. If you are looking for a great value with no frills, this is the mattress for you!

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Zinus Green Tea

Zinus Green Tea

Motion Transfer






        Off Gassing


          Trial Period




            28 thoughts on “Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress Review”

              1. It may not be but I think that the change may just be limited to the outer cover. Since it has received so many positive ratings I don’t think they changed the construction.

            1. I see in your review of the purple mattress you indicated it is the best for hot sleepers. How does this compare in terms of heat dispersement?

              1. The Zinus Green Tea is average for heat retention. If sleeping hot isn’t a major concern/problem. This is a great mattress.

            2. How does the 12″ green tea compare to their 12″ pressure relief or 12″ gel in terms of feel/support? I’m a side/stomach sleeper 210lbs and have always had issues with my hips sinking too much and/or a sore shoulder.

            3. Motion Transfer






              Off Gassing


              I bought the 10″ queen plush. I would be lucky if it expanded to 8″. Zinus never responded. Amazon wants to deduct s/h charges from the refund for their screw up. Amazon is also monitoring the reviews and didn’t want my honest review published (for more than one purchase) so you can’t always trust Amazon reviews anymore. Highly disappointed and pissed.

              1. Yes, absolutely. It may take a little longer to fill to shape, maybe a few extra hours but it should get into full shape eventually.

            4. The first video indicates that the mattress was in the box for a couple of weeks; is that normal/ok to do? I just received a mattress but will be moving in 4 weeks, but have read that it’s important to open the box and uncompress the mattress asap otherwise it can have minor issues with expanding to it’s full size.

              Any insight here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

              1. I have had mattresses in a box for over a month because I was behind on reviews and haven’t noticed problems. If you do have an issue, you can contact Zinus. They are a big company and have the resources to help you out if there’s an issue.

            5. I’m thinking about ordering the 10″. My boyfriend is concerned that he will sink too much. He’s about 220lbs and a side sleeper the majority of the time. Do you think too much sink would be a problem?

            6. I am currently sleeping on a Ghostbed and I hate it. I wake up with my hip and shoulder feeling bruised like I slept on the floor. I weigh around 110 lbs and sleep on my side. I’m wondering if I’m not heavy enough to sink into the foam on the Ghostbed and just float on top. Do you think this mattress might provide some relief to my achy joints?

              1. Yes!!

                The Zinus Green Tea mattress is much softer. Definitely worth trying. I would go direct through Zinus since you get a discount and the freshest inventory and you can work direct with them should you have any issues.

            7. Hi Ben,

              My husband and I just returned a Leesa after almost 100 days. I am a side/stomach sleeper and over time felt the Leesa was just too firm – I’d even wake up with circulation to my arm cut off. We are on a budget, so we’ve considered the Zinus; however, I read your review of the Cocoon, and saw another poster comment on the Brentwood Bamboo. Which of the three would you recommend? I am 5’6″ and 130lbs.

            8. Hi Ben,
              I am looking for a new mattress to fit a space for a Twin mattress at my parents’ place while I’m staying here most of the time for almost 6 months, and then for visits in the future.

              I know that I like the Zinus 12 inch Green Tea from having slept on one before. I could probably use it just a tiny tiny bit firmer, but I’d sleep fine on it as is too.

              Problem is, I need a Twin XL for this situation. (I usually sleep on a queen at my place and feel very cramped on a regular twin, but this is the space we have to work with.) Zinus only sells the XL in an 8 inch, which I’m afraid would leave me bottoming out or at least with it too firm.

              Is there a comparable mattress (price and comfort) to the Zinus 12 inch GT that is sold in a Twin XL? Have you had the chance to compare their thinner versions? I’m trying to decide whether to get the 8 inch, or find another option.

              *For context, I’m 5’7,” female, ~125-130 lb., with nerve impingements in my neck/back, like to sleep on back and side, but often what feels good for my back gives me shoulder pain sleeping on my side.

              This Zinus was just barely on the soft side of perfect for me, so I’m so bummed I can’t just get it in the 12 inch.

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