Yotel Develops it’s own Smart bed

Yotel Develops it's own Smart bed 1

Recently updated on June 9th, 2016 at 10:01 am

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Yotel, the popular micro hotel rooms in New York City, London and Amsterdam have announced that they will be launching their own line of beds called the “smart bed”. The Smart Bed, designed excursively by Serta for Yotel will feature a gliding mechanism that converts the bed into a couch with the touch of a button. The first beds have been installed in the flagship Yotel in New York City. In addition to a new line of smart beds, Yotel also produced the video below that is supposed to induce sleep titled, “Yawn”. No word yet if these beds will be made available to consumers but I think it would be great if they did. There’s lots of people in apartments or other small spaces that would benefit from a Yotel Smart Bed.

I imagine the beds are made from some sort of foam or latex since they need to be flexible enough to convert into a couch over and over. Get the best deal on Yotel and try the new Yotel Mattress at Hotels.com

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