Using augmented reality to choose the best-fit mattress

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Recently updated on February 22nd, 2018 at 10:19 am

One of the most basic parts of the mattress purchase process is choosing the right size. If you already have a queen mattress, and you plan to stick with the same size, then this is easy. However, if you’re buying a different size than your current mattress, or if you’re buying a mattress for a room that didn’t previously have a bed, then picking the right size can be harder. To make matters worse, there are a number of closely related sizes, such as twin and twin XL, or king and california king, and it can be difficult to know which variation will be the best fit for you and your space. After spending lots of time researching your dream mattress, the last thing you would want is to pick the wrong size and have to go through a painful return.

A new free iPhone app called Bedder ( aims to solve this problem by using augmented reality (AR) to display virtual mattresses in all six standard sizes in your room before you buy them. Each mattress appears at its actual size, so you can, for instance, view a queen mattress (60″ x 80″) side by side with a king mattress (76″ x 80″) to see which one will fit best in your bedroom.

We tested the app and found the accuracy to be surprisingly good — each mattress appeared at its correct size to within an inch. The app is also pretty straightforward to use, although it might take a bit of practice if this is your first time using AR. In order to tell if a mattress was a good fit, we found that after placing it into the room we needed to walk around it and make sure it wasn’t poking through any of the walls in our room.

Bedder App

All in all, Bedder is a simple and easy to use app to help you choose the best-fit mattress, which is especially useful if you don’t have a tape measure handy. If you’re going to spend months of research and $1000+ on your next mattress, you might as well spend 2 minutes using Bedder to make sure you’ve chosen the right size. Bedder is free to download on the App Store:

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