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The tulo Mattress is a bed in a box offering from Mattress Firm. Tulo means “sleep” in the Chichewa language, a widely known language in the country of Malawi. It’s a catchy name that is easy to remember. The tulo comes in 3 different firmness options soft, medium and firm. For this review, I received a medium version. What really sets Tulo apart from the competition isn’t necessarily the construction of the mattress but the fact that you can try out the tulo at one of thousands of Mattress Firm stores across the country.

Overview and Unboxing the tulo Mattress

Here’s a video overview of the mattress…

A queen size Tulo retails for $650. It comes compressed and roll packed in a box like the one below. As you can see, this box was a little damaged but the mattress wasn’t.

When you open the box you get a nice greeting from tulo and a letter opener. Over the years I have developed a nice collection of these.

Here’s a picture of the mattress right out of the box. Once you cut the plastic it will start taking in air quickly.

Tulo Mattress Unbox

One thing I noticed is that this mattress sprung into shape very quickly. I think that’s because it was manufactured recently. Mattresses that stay compressed in a box longer, take longer to recover but that wasn’t the case with the tulo.

Construction of the tulo Mattress

Tulo Layers

10″ Depth

Shipping weight:

Twin: 50 lbs.
Twin XL 52 lbs.
Full  64 lbs.
Queen 75 lbs.
King 91 lbs.
California King:  94 lbs.

Cover: knitted Polyester and Tencel blended fabric mated to a reinforced Polyester Elastan blended material for maximum durability.

Top Layer:  2” blend of titanium particles and high density Cool Flow ventilated memory foam. Material density is 3.25 lb/cubicfoot.

2nd Layer: “peak & valley” design,  1.5” responsive firm material with a density of 2.5 lb/cubic foot

3rd layer:  1.5” of strut reinforcing technology engineered into high resiliency firm foam to minimize material fatigue and reduce surface compression. Material density is 2.5 lb/cubic foot.

Foundation layer:  high density poly urethane material designed to complement the technologies positioned above this layer. Material density is 1.8 lb/cubic foot.

My tulo Mattress Findings

This mattress skews a little towards the firmer end of the spectrum. I reviewed the medium firm and found it to be a little firm at first. However when you lay across it, you get great support and still get good pressure relief. This mattress is made in the USA and from what I can tell is top of the line foam. None of the corners are smushed together which means they didn’t over glue the pieces. It also was made recently and didn’t stay in a box for too long which also helps it take shape faster.

Here’s a picture of my bowling ball on the mattress to show you how much it sinks.

Tulo mattress sink

Here’s another video that illustrates motion transfer on the mattress.

Here’s a peek inside the mattress to show you how each layer reacts.


My tulo Recommendation

If you are new to the world of online mattresses, this is a great introduction. You can just head to your nearest Mattress Firm and try one out to see for yourself the value you can get with online brands. A queen size Tulo currently retails for $750. And if you are in a rush, I don’t know of anyone who will get you your mattress faster. You can get a tulo in as little as 48 hours.

tulo no longer has coupn codes. Instead, click here to get the best price.  Shop tulo 

6 thoughts on “tulo Mattress Review”

  1. Motion Transfer






    Off Gassing


    Trial Period


    I didn’t compare the to any other bed in the box mattresses before purchasing, but I will say that the “Soft” version compared very favorably to the far more expensive memory foam and hybrid mattresses in medium and plush that I compared the Tulo to. The more expensive options may have been better but I don’t know how a person is to definitively find that out for sure without sleeping on one for an expended period of time. In my experience I’d confirm the comments above- the “Medium” is definitely on the firm side of medium so if you spend any of your time on your side it’s going to be less suitable than the “Soft” Tulo, which both my wife and I both being partially side sleepers are very happy with. Almost no motion transfer, and very little heat retention. If you’re unable to go to a Mattress Firm to sample the options, I’d recommend that you start with the “Soft”. Very Highly Recommended.

  2. Motion Transfer






    Off Gassing


    Trial Period


    I lo e the mattress. I have been sleeping on it for over 3 months now. I get very good sleep every night. It was easy to get home and easy to set up. I highly recommend buying the tulo soft.

  3. Motion Transfer






    Off Gassing


    Trial Period


    My experience with this mattress was disappointing. We tried the hard, medium and soft at mattress firm and found the medium to be what we wanted with one being too hard the other being too soft. Once we got the mattress however I had a very hard time sleeping on it because it was very stiff. I couldn’t believe this was a medium so after two weeks we went back to mattress firm and tried out the medium. It was much softer than what we received. The lady said it would “wear in” but we are basically at the 1 month wear-in exchange period and it isn’t soft at all. Now it might get better down the road, or it might not. This uncertainty after paying a chunk of money for a whole set is not very satisfying. Makes me wonder if there’s a change the mattress is firm and was co,or coded wrong. But how would one know?

    1. I’m curious if you’ve kept the (medium) Tulo?

      How the Medium felt to you at the store makes me wonder if that unit had been on display since its release (I’d guess so). I’ve read quite a few YT reviews by people who had the same experience. For anyone in your situation, seems to be a good sign. Also, it would be very helpful to know your sizes and in which positions you both sleep!

      Just ordered mine in Medium 🤞🤞

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