The Truth About Over-The-Counter Sleep Aids

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Ben Trapskin

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Another interesting sleep article from the Huffington Post on over the counter sleep aids. The Truth About Over-The-Counter Sleep Aids.

I like to use melatonin to promote sleep it one of my favorite go to sleep aids. To me it seems to be much gentler with less side effects. I have reviewed many different types of sleep aids and I keep coming back to melatonin.

If you aren’t keen on pills or ingesting anything, there’s a new sleep aid on the market called, Sprayable Sleep which I review in the “Sleep Aids” section of this website. You spray it twice on each side of your neck and will start getting drowsing within half an hour and be able to fall asleep easily within the hour.

Another option would be to try the DreamPad Pillow, a review can be found on the Pillows page of this website. The DreamPad Pillow will lull you to sleep with ambient noise that you can only hear if your head is making contact with the pillow. A great way to use white noise or other noises such as ASMR without disturbing your partner.

Finally, blocking blue light is key for your body to be able to begin its own melatonin production. There are plenty of blue blocking glasses on the market but I review one that I really like in my sleep aids section of the website.