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Cubes Pillow

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Overview of the Cubes Pillow

The Cubes Pillow is a collaboration between F1F2 and Nightform Lab. It is the world’s first geometric structure pillow that is made of 70 internal and connected cubes. This is a pillow in which you will not find shredded foam or goose down feathers. It’s construction is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before and it even has 2 reversible sides to suit any sleeper, one that is firm and one that is soft. This type of interchangeability is just one out of many of it’s impressive features.

The creators have been on a 2 year journey from it’s initial design to their first shipment of the product.

Construction of the Cubes Pillow

The Cubes Pillow comes in 1 size only and measures 22 x 14 x 4 inches. It weighs 500g and is constructed with graphene nanocomposite foam which can also otherwise be classified as 100% polyurethane. The pillow comes with a modal fiber sleeve made of 95% modal jersey fabric and 5% spandex. The spandex portion means it’s best that it’s air dried, since the heat of a dryer will burn through these fibers. The pillow itself cannot be washed

My Cubes Pillow Findings

The most impressive thing about The Cubes Pillow is how much intention it was designed with. It’s creators have made a valiant effort in proving and educating others on how their pillow is different and why it’s better. There has been countless scientific research that has gone into its creation and refinement. Their marketing effort alone is evidence that their intention isn’t to sell but to inform consumers.

The individual materials used in the Cubes Pillow creation have been specifically chosen for how they can aid in a restful sleep. The graphene nanocomposite foam that they’ve used is designed specifically to be thermoregulating, bacteria resistant and odor controlling. The actual structure of the pillow itself also has purpose behind it. The connected cube formation helps to keep you cool at night since it promotes breathability aka air ventilation.

The structure of the pillow itself does a lot for a sleeper being that it’s created with stress relieving memory foam. Along with the helpful properties of the foam, the Cubes Pillow patented hinge structure “elevates the level of support from two-dimensional to three-dimensional.” Each cube is designed to work as a spring, providing legitimate 360-degree support. When all of these cubes work together, they can both individually and collectively support any weight that is applied to it. This also makes it easy for the pillow to bounce back to its original shape.

Additionally, the modal pillowcase is designed with a high tech fabric that is moisture wicking and also breathable, which further allows one to sleep cool.

The Cubes Pillow has been found to help with snoring issues, insomnia, and also in extending stage 3 and stage 4 of sleep, which are known to be the deep sleep stages which provide the most restorative sleep.

My Cubes Pillow Recommendation

The Cubes Pillow is not a novelty item. This pillow is the future.

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