BedStory 12 Inch Mattress
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The BedStory 12-inch hybrid mattress is a unique mattress that offers a ton of value at a low price. The BedStory includes 100s of individual 7-inch long pocket coil springs as well as several layers of foam and memory foam on top. It’s pretty amazing to find a hybrid mattress that ships via Amazon Prime at such a low price. Was I impressed? I certainly wasn’t disappointed.

Amazon Mattress?

It seems like you can get everything from Amazon these days. Ben recently reviewed the Revel mattress ($239 – $375), which is also available on Amazon. The Revel has a similar construction for the top layers as the BedStory but uses a 7-inch foam bottom layer instead of springs. That allows the Revel’s price to be even lower than the BedStory. For a small increase in price at some sizes, the BedSory offers springs but not the “Made in America” label.

Overview of the BedStory 12-inch Mattress

Full disclosure. This is my first mattress review. That said, this obviously is not my first mattress! For over a year I have been sleeping comfortably on a multi-layer foam mattress that Ben (the Sleep Sherpa) recommended. So this isn’t my first rodeo. This was my first experience unboxing a vacuum-packed mattress. Watch the video below for that experience and some additional overview.

Overall the mattress firmness of the BedStory is in the low to mid-range based on how it felt to me and my wife. The mattress felt much softer with a lot of pressure placed in one location in the middle of the bed, so heavier sleepers might experience this as a soft mattress.

How much does the BedStory 12-inch Mattress Cost?

The Amazon listing includes three different mattress constructions and four different sizes. I tested the queen size of the “12 inch” mattress. I have definitely paid a lot more for a mattress than the sub-$400 price tag of the queen that BedStory sent me.


Construction of the BedStory 12-inch Mattress

The edge around the mattress includes two rings of stiffer and stronger springs. This is a feature common on high-end mattresses but maybe not on a mattress that starts at under $230. On top of the springs are a support layer and two layers of egg-crate style foam. Topping off the mattress is a 1-inch layer of cooling gel memory foam. The overall feel is of a standard pillow top spring mattress but with a mild memory effect in the top layers.

BedStory 12 Inch Mattress construction

My BedStory Recommendation

Only time can tell if the BedStory 12-inch hybrid mattress holds up like a more expensive mattress that you can buy elsewhere. There is nothing I see in the construction or feel that indicates any lack of quality. The outgassing from the mattress is almost non-existent, which is another great bonus. The springs combined with the cooling foam and egg-crate foam indicates that this mattress will continue to be a cool breathable mattress all summer long. For me, it is a keeper. And the price is hard to beat!

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