Purple Harmony Pillow Review
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The Purple Harmony Pillow 

Purple is known for its genius hyper-elastic polymer grid, with which they’ve made mattresses, pillows, pet beds and more. This time around they’ve introduced a new pillow to their line, the Purple Harmony Pillow. Since variety is the spice of life, their mastermind hyper-elastic polymer grid is not the only thing this Pillow has to offer. The somewhat new and foreign Talalay latex is also beginning to get some attention.

purple harmony pillow height

Overview of The Purple Harmony Pillow 

With the Harmony Pillow, Purple offers a one-year limited warranty, a 100 Night Trial and it retails for $159. It’s popular among sleepers of all types but from my findings, neck sleepers might be the ones that’ll find themselves most pleased.

Construction of The Purple Harmony Pillow 

The Harmony Pillow is available in two sizes: Standard and Tall. Tall is recommended for individuals with larger frames. Below are the measurements and weight of each:

Standard: 26″ x 17″ x 6.5″ and 4.5lbs

Tall: 28″ x 17″ x 7.5″  and 5.4lbs

The outer cover is made using polyester, nylon and spandex Mesh. The materials used for the actual pillow itself consist of only two: hyper-elastic polymer & Talalay latex.

What About Natural Latex Allergies?

As odd as it may sound, talalay latex isn’t likely to cause flare ups for someone with natural latex allergies because of the insane manufacturing process involved. Since natural rubber allergies are due to proteins, Talalay latex doesn’t apply considering that the washing process removes most of them. This material is also known to be inhospitable to things such as common allergens, dust mites, and bed bugs. Despite these findings, it’s still recommended to consult your doctor and do further research to see if talalay latex is an option for you.

My Purple Harmony Pillow Findings

In the past, I’ve reviewed the Purple Plush Pillow, which couldn’t be more foreign to the Purple brand. Being that they’re known for engineering a really specific item, this time around it makes sense that their new pillow acknowledges that to some degree. When it comes to this industry, that’s not entirely necessary but I think that because many people have a certain Association, that it makes them have more trust in Purple as an authority because they’re mindful enough to deliver the comfort of consistency. When it came to the predecessor of the Harmony Pillow (The Plush Pillow), while the item was interesting, it was also kind of odd. It was strangely out of place. “Okay, this pillow is unique but what the hell does it have to do with Purple?”, I thought. It just didn’t seem to be what Purple was all about. Perhaps my expectations were way too high but I suppose it’s not the worst thing in the world when a company’s biggest challenge is having to out-do themselves. It’s unbearable when one’s mind is fixated on beating the competition. Maybe there’s less pressure when it comes to beating your own milestones but then again, the exact opposite could be true. Regardless, IMHO the predecessor failed to deliver. Was its concept too bizarre? It was after all, seemingly the only pillow of its type but I wasn’t satisfied. Something was missing. 

purple harmony pillow talalay latex

In comparison to their other pillows, the Harmony Pillow is a new dimension in the world of upgrades. It’s less complex but offers so much more. It’s not customized at all but thank God for that. Customizable pillows can be exhausting. Besides, that’s where the talent comes in. Being in a fixed, solid-state means having to get the formulation just right. They say perfect doesn’t exist but this pillow is proof to the contrary. 

The talalay latex is a nice, new introduction to their line. Man, it’s soft. Man, it’s bouncy. It’s honestly JUST RIGHT. I thought there might be more to explore and more to expose so, I was getting my scissors ready, only to find the translucent encasing the pillow was in (once outside of the pillowcase). There you could see everything the Harmony Pillow was made of. The latex and all of the punctures that ensure it’s breathable and lively. Can you imagine that even getting the puncture size in a latex pillow matters? That’s how involved this is.

The pillowcase felt a bit deceptive. Initially, I wasn’t sure if it made me a fool or if it just meant they were clever but this pillow isn’t the Original Purple Pillow. It had to be different. In application (meaning when one is testing it), the pillowcase was a genius move. The calculated use of their purple grid provides an interesting texture this brand is known for. If you’ve laid your weary head on a solid foam or latex pillow before, then you know what it typically feels like. In texture, it’s flat, smooth, boring. Maybe it’s not a big deal but if it’s a yawn fest, what’s the likelihood you’ll want to try five different pillows that appear the same? You won’t. The Harmony Pillow takes you away from that predictability because you can’t possibly assume what it feels like until you try it. The subtly is what makes it different; it titilates your curiosity.

purple harmony pillow pillowcase

The latex on the inside and the grid pillowcase work well together. One reviewer on YouTube said that if you take the two apart, that you can take any pillow, put it into the pillowcase and essentially, end up with “the same thing.” While it may appear that way, what makes this pillow function so well, and the reason why I find it so impressive is because of how these two elements work in unison. If Purple intended for them to be used separately, they would have packaged, marketed and sold this differently. She missed the point. Maybe my expectations of this brand are on too high of a peak but who doesn’t like nice things? Purple makes really nice things.

My Purple Harmony Pillow Recommendation

To put it in perspective, I’ll leave you with this. All of the pillows I’m asked to review take up space which means I’m unable to keep all of them. Well, actually, most of them. I gifted this pillow and I regret it. It would be rude to ask for it back which leaves me thinking if it may actually be time to buy another.

After one night, I had no neck pain. I always have some neck pain but that might allude to the possibility that while the pillow I’ve been relying on might have prevented more neck pain than usual, it didn’t alleviate it enough either. Trying a new pillow and waking up with no pain is so alien to me that I didn’t know what to make of it. Puzzled thoughts circled my mind as I woke: “Did the Harmony Pillow help?” “Is that even possible?” Usually, the only thing that helps is my chiropractor, haha. “Maybe I finally slept some way that didn’t mess me up,” I thought but I remained perplexed by my own body, doubtful of the validity of own thoughts. “Or maybe the pillow is just awesome…,” I tried to reason with myself. Every man and lady will simply need to decide for themselves. 

Is there something they could have done differently? No but I do expect a 2.0. Why? One person was able to put so eloquently what I was not, when I was saying that, “It wasn’t what I expected.” Two words: shoulder notch. Regardless if it’s 1.0 or a possible version 2.0, I believe many, especially side sleepers, will rejoice.

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Purple Plush Pillow Review
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Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

Purple Plush Pillow by Purple

Purple is known for it’s strange and innovative products so when they decided to release a more traditional type of pillow, I wasn’t sure what to think. This pillow doesn’t claim to be everything that it’s not. It’s customizable, yes, that’s true but not in a way that would bore you and while it is a more traditional take on the pillow, it doesn’t claim to be yet another down-alternative pillow, because it isn’t and it doesn’t feel like one. It doesn’t have to.

purple plush pillow zipper

Overview of the Purple Plush Pillow

Purple’s take on a more “Traditional Type” of pillow isn’t exactly traditional, which is why for Purple, it works. They don’t DO ordinary so there had to be something to this pillow that is uncommon. While it is a customizable or adjustable pillow, their approach is different when compared to how others in the industry choose to execute this type of product. Most adjustable pillows mean you pull a zipper to take out or put stuffing in. In Purple’s case, no amount of fill ever leaves the pillow. Instead, the firmness can be changed by pulling two zippers either open or closed. When both zippers are closed, the pillow has a firmer feel. When they are open, it has a softer feel.

purple plush pillow unboxing and review

For those who aren’t entirely convinced, the pillow comes with a 100-Night Trial and for those who choose to commit, it also comes with a 1-Year Limited Warranty.

It retails for $49 on their site and considering the brand and the feature of customization, it’s a really fair price. They could have asked for more, given the overall company reputation, but it’s nice they stayed within the realm of more-or-less middle class affordability.

purple plush pillow 100-night trial and 1-year limited warranty on box

Construction of the Purple Plush Pillow

The Purple Plush Pillow is composed of “interlocking denier poly fiber puff balls.” Don’t let the vocabulary sway you though. This is just Purple being unique and poetic with their wording. This is the industry standard pillow fill used in most non-down pillows that aren’t made of foam. Then again, I’m not an engineer and this poly fiber might be more special and specific to the pillow’s function than I’m aware of.

The cover is made of 60% Lyocell and 40% Nylon. It’s designed to be thermoregulating and moisture-wicking. It comes in only one size of 26” X 18” and while this was fine for me, it might not do the trick for larger people, as it is kind of standard. Too standard for Purple standards. It weighs 3.6 lbs and while that already sounds like too much, it’s actually crazy light. Light and fluffy like a cloud. I’ve tested quite a few pillows and this one is among those that weighed the least.

My Purple Plush Pillow Findings

I was absolutely stunned to find that the pillow isn’t just a gimmick. It seems too good to be true: a pillow whose loft is adjustable without needing to remove or add any filling. But how can that be? The best way I can explain the function of this pillow is to compare it to a closed bag filled with air.

The more air it has inside, the more compressed it’ll be so the firmer the bag will feel overall. The less air it has inside, the less compressed it’ll be so the softer the bag will feel if you were to lay or press on it. Despite the fact that this is a pretty simple concept that would make sense to most people, when it came to the application of it in the actual pillow itself, I was surprised the airflow, which is regulated by the opening or closing of zippers, made a difference in how the pillow felt. Structurally, it makes sense it would work but we’re not talking about a closed plastic bag filled with air, we’re talking about a pillow, something that requires airflow. I guess that’s where the engineers come in. So does it make a difference? Yes. Opening the zippers did in fact make it softer and closing them did make it firmer.

As for the other elements of the pillow and product overall, I give it an A+ all around. The packaging was discreet at the door but loud upon opening. I appreciate the branding effort Purple puts into their products (the bold color, the large font typeface, etc) and customer experience overall. The pillow cover material is lovely. It has a bright white color, a luxurious sheen and a soft pleasant touch. The zippers are premium quality, not something one has to fear will break easily.

I found it to be more supportive than a down pillow and more firmer than one too. For someone who needs solid neck support, I’m not 100% this will be enough but then again, I have more neck and shoulder spasms than anyone I know so I can’t deny that my disposition calls for some extra TLC.

As a side note, the pillow is FULLY washable which is a really nice feature.

My Purple Plush Pillow Recommendation

After having slept on the Purple Plush Pillow for about a week now, I have to say that I like it quite a lot. The ability to customize the loft by way of pulling two zippers is pretty incredible for someone who has changing needs or if it’s meant to serve as a gift. I like a softer feeling pillow and this one suits me just fine. The only thing I’m uncertain of is it’s thermoregulation. I have slept hot a few nights in a row with this pillow so I’m not sure what to make of it. Unfortunately when it comes to that, that’s something in which results do vary but I do like the pillow and I’m not looking to give it away anytime soon.

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Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.