2020 Presidents Day Mattress Sale
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Here it is, the roundup of 2020 President’s Day Mattress sales for all the popular online and retail brands.

Holiday sales are an appropriate time to invest in this huge investment at an affordable price. If you have missed the Black Friday mattress sale, then the President’s Day Mattress Sale is another chance to grab the best deals.

In this guide, we have listed everything that will help you make an informed buying decision like:

  • When is the President’s Day Mattress Sale?
  • Why buy during the President’s Day Mattress Sale?
  • When to start buying?
  • Where to find the best deals?
  • Why should you shop online?
  • Tips to get the best deal

Apart from the guide, we even get you the best offers on different mattress brands to make the most of it. Right below are some of the most enticing deals for the President’s Day Sale, 2020.

Purple Mattress President’s Day Sale


Up to $350 Off Mattress Deal!

$100 off Purple, $125 Off Hybrid, $150 Off Hybrid Premier

$200 Off Bundle

Read Purple Mattress Review

GhostBed  – President’s Day Sale


15% Off Everything

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Tempur-Pedic President’s Day Sale


Save $300 on LuxeAdapt & Breeze models

Save $100 on Adapt & ProAdapt models

Save $200 on TEMPUR-Ergo Extend or TEMPUR-Ergo power bases

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Avocado President’s Day Mattress Sale


$200 off Mattresses (Code FLAG200)

Military extra $50 off Purchase (Code HONOR50)

$150 off Bed Frames with Mattress Purchase (Code BED150)

$100 off Alpaca Mattress Pillow Toppers (Code ALPACA100)

2 Pillows Free with Mattress Purchase (Code 2FREEPILLOWS)

Read Avocado Mattress Review


Amerisleep President’s Day Sale


Offer: $250 Off any mattress + 2 Free Mid-loft Pillows Coupon Code: PRESDAY250

Read Amerisleep Mattress Review


Puffy Mattress President’s Day Sale


$300 Off + A Free King Pillow!

Read Puffy Mattress Review


PlushBeds President’s Day Sale


$1,200 Off all Latex Mattresses + 2 Free Organic Latex Pillows + Plush Luxury Sheet Set + Protector

$600 off Memory Foam Mattresses + 2 Pillows + Plush Luxury Sheet Set

$100 off all Sofa Bed Mattresses

$100 off all Toppers

Free Extended 10 Yr. warranty on all Adjustable Beds

Coupon Code: USA20


Molecule Mattress President’s Day Sale


20% OFF Site-Wide

+Free Sheets with Any Mattress Purchase

+Free Pillow with Any Topper Purchase

Code: 20PRES

Read Molecule Mattress Review



Bear Mattress President’s Day Sale


Take 20% off Everything

Code: PRES20

Two Free Cloud Pillows Included with Every Mattress or Bundle Purchase

Read Bear Mattress Review

Nest Bedding President’s Day Sale


Save Up To $500

Read Nest Bedding Review

Eight Sleep Pod President’s Day Sale


Get A Free Accessory of Your Choice (Up to A $300 Value)

Accessories You Can Choose:

The Eight Sleep Sheet Set

The Sleep Fitness Kit

The Eight Sleep Gravity Blanket

Blue Light Glasses

Read Eight Sleep Pod Review

Layla Mattress President’s Day Sale


Layla Hybrid Mattress (Any Size): $200 Off + 2 Free Premium Pillows

Mattress (Any Size): $150 Off + 2 Free Premium Pillows – $300 Deal

Weighted Blanket (Any Size): $30 Off

Bamboo Sheets (Any Size): $50 Off

Kapok Memory Foam Pillow (Any Size): Buy-One-Get-One 1/2 Off

Foundation (Any Size): $50 Off

Memory Foam Topper (Any Size): $50 Off

Metal Bed Frame: (Any Size): No Sale

Adjustable Base Plus (Any Size): $300 Off Twin XL & Queen, $600 Off King

Adjustable Base (Any Size): $200 Off Twin XL & Queen, $400 Off King

Platform Bed (Any Size): $50 Off

Pet Bed (Any Size): $25 Off

Mattress Protector (Any Size): $25 Off

Premium Pillow (Any Size): $20 Off

Read Layla Mattress Review


Allswell President’s Day Sale


15% Off Mattresses + 20% Off Bedding, Bath & Spa*
Code: Prez

Read Allswell Mattress Review


Saatva Mattress President’s Day Sale


$100 Off Any Order Of $500

Read Saatva Mattress Review

Zinus Mattress President’s Day Sale


15% Off Hybrid Spring Mattress Collection

Read Saatva Mattress Review



Muse Mattress President’s Day Sale

Save $50 Off on Any Muse Mattress

Two FREE Muse Pillows (A $240 Value) With the Purchase of Any Muse Mattress!

Read Muse Mattress Review


When Is President’s Day Mattress Sale?

President’s Day is on 17th February 2020. It is one of the best days for shopping mattresses on sale. The deals last for approximately a week, and it mainly depends on the brand to brand. But you will get the best deals during the President’s Day weekend.

Why Presidents Day Mattress Sale?

This holiday is in honor of the first U.S President George Washington’s birthday, which falls on 22nd February. This holiday is to celebrate all the U.S Presidents in history. The holiday falls on a Monday, and thus, it can take place on any day between these dates – February 15 and February 21.

The government offices and banks are closed on President’s Day, and thus, it has become a major shopping day for most mattress retailers. There are amazing deals not only on mattresses but also on electronics and furniture. Every year, mattress firms offer the best deals on President’s Day weekend.

When to Start Buying?

Even though the President’s Day weekend is quite far, many retailers have already begun advertising. It is wise to know the deals as early as possible as it will help you plan your deal day well.

Researching options on sale before the deal day about its quality, material, type, etc. can be helpful.

Where to Find President’s Day Mattress Day Deals?

Various sources can help you find the best Presidents Day Mattress Sale deals.

Retail Websites

One of the best ways to find deals is by visiting the retailer website. The only negative point here is that most retailers do not post about the deals until the deal day.

Ad Sites

Multiple ad sites scan and report mattress deals like us. It is best to have most of the deal in one place as it can help you save a lot of time.


Print newspapers feature President’s Day Mattress Sale deals by most major brands. The only drawback, in this case, is that since only the major brands feature their deals, you can miss out on most of the offers.

Online News Websites

These websites feature local offers from all brands, big and small. They even receive press releases from brands with genuine deal details.


Finally, this is also one of the best and most used ways to know about various deals and launches. If you know the brand you wish to buy the mattress from, newsletters can be helpful.

Leaving an Item in the Cart

If you sign in and leave an item in the cart, the brand will send you a reminder email. Such a reminder email often comes with discounts to make you complete the transaction.

Call and Ask

This is a direct but most ignored way of getting to know about the discounts. During the President’s Day Mattress Sale weekend, you can call and enquire. Some brands even give you an extra discount if you close the deal immediately over the call.

Why Shop for a Mattress Online?

While many people are comfortable shopping online like groceries, clothes, accessories, books, etc., There are still some items that people are hesitant to purchase online, and the mattress is one of them.

You may think of lying on the mattress once before buying, but experts say that those who have purchased a mattress like this have regretted their decision.

Now is the time to rethink the way you purchase a mattress. Below are some benefits of shopping online for a mattress compared to shopping at a brick and mortar store.

No Standing in Long Lines

One of the biggest drawbacks of buying a mattress from the brick and mortar store is the crowds and long lines, particularly on sale days like President’s Day. Holiday sales can be crowded in stores, and you would, of course, not want to test the mattress with a stranger lying beside you.

No Irritating Salesperson

Shopping online is the best option if you do not enjoy the commission-based salesperson stalking you at the store. While shopping online, no one would push you to purchase what gets them a huge commission.

Shopping at Your Own Pace

While shopping at the brick and mortar store, you would be in a rush to shop considering the store working hours. While shopping online, there is no rush, and you do not have to abide by the working hours as well as traffic.

You can relax on your armchair, at any time of the day and browse through the options available. No one will push you to purchase a mattress until you are ready.

Sleep Trial

Many online mattress companies offer sleep trials where you can test the mattress at your home. Sleep trials range from a month to a year based on the brand you pick.

For any reason you do not like the sleep experience, contact the brand, and they will arrange a pickup and issue a full refund to you at the earliest.

Free Shipping and Delivery

Most online mattress brands offer free shipping and delivery. The beds are rolled up, and so the set up is super simple. All you need to do is open the box and expand the mattress.

Some brands are happy even to offer you set up at no cost or a reasonable amount.

How to Get the Best Deal?

If it is your first time buying a mattress online, here are some tips that will help you make an informed purchase.

Know Your Needs

Some brands have plenty of options, while some have only a few. Knowing your requirements will have you narrow down the choices and make your shopping experience less stressful.

Fix a Budget

It’s essential to know your budget because mattresses come in different types and price ranges. Thus, setting a target price for yourself will help you finalize the mattress.

Look Around

Rather than deciding a brand of mattress, you wish to purchase, it is wise to fix the type. You may notice that by comparing beds, you can get a higher quality mattress at a lower price by just changing the brand.

Read Online Reviews

Many brand websites have online reviews that can help you with the purchase. If you do not trust those, you can look through the independent review websites for in-depth and unbiased mattress reviews.

Call and Ask

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call and ask the brand’s customer care. You can contact them via phone or online chat to clear your doubts. You can even go through the FAQs listed on the brand website.

Shopping Tips for Buying Mattress Online

Buying a bed is a huge investment, and it may be tough to pick the right one. The shopping tips mentioned below will help you ease the burden.


Before buying a bed, check its warranty. Some brands may change the policy during the holiday sale period, and you would, of course, not want to buy the bed without warranty.

Discounted Vs. Real Price

A few retailers hike the price and then sell the mattresses at a huge discount. They try to change the perception of the people by showing them a huge discount, which makes them purchase the product.

Thus, it is wise to compare the product on as many websites as possible before making any concrete decision.


Some brands offer the least expensive mattresses during the holiday sale period, which can be a good deal to you.

The quality of the bed may not be suitable for regular use. Thus, ensure to check the return policy as a few retailers may change the policies and do not offer returns during the President’s Day Mattress Sale weekend.

Fine Print

Reading the fine print of the product before purchasing is essential because it includes all the hidden terms and conditions. For example, some brands offer discounts and rebates in the form of gift cards.

Lack of Specification Details

Do not buy from the retailer that provides limited specification details. Make sure to ask them as many questions as you like and be certain of your choice before purchasing.

We understand buying a mattress is a huge investment and can be tough during the holiday sale period with plenty of options. We hope this guide that we have put through helps you make an informed buy.

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Presidents’ Day, which falls on February 18th is one of the best days of the year to buy a mattress of your choice. Major only mattress companies are offering fabulous discounts on an array of their products. If you are thinking about buying a mattress of your dreams, these are some of best presidents day mattress deals exclusively for Sleep Sherpa readers. In order to help you in choosing the right mattress, we have also included link to specific mattress reviews. So this Presidents’ Day, choose wisely, sleep well!

Presidents Day Mattress Sales - Purple

Sale Ends on February 28, 2019

Offer Valid on Original Purple Mattress and New Purple Mattress

Click to Avail the Offer and Buy

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Presidents Day Mattress Sales - Puffy

Exclusive Coupon Codes for Sleep Sherpa Readers



Click here to Buy and Claim the Discount

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Presidents Day Mattress Sales - Saatva

Click Here Buy Saatva Matresss and Claim Gift Card

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Presidents Day Mattress Sales - Nectar

Click here to Get $125 Off and 2 Free Pillows with Nectar Mattress

Read Nectar Mattress Review

Presidents Day Mattress Sales - Brooklyn Bedding

Sale Ends on February 18, 2019

Click Here to Buy any Brooklyn Mattress at 25% Off

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Presidents Day Mattress Sales - Tuft and Needle

Sale Ends on February 25, 2019

Click Here to Avail Benefits Worth $350 on Tuft & Needle Mattress

Read Tuft & Needle Mattress Review

Presidents Day Mattress Sales - Eight Sleep

Sale Ends February 25, 2019

Click Here to Get $200 Off on Any Eight Sleep Mattress

Read Eight Sleep Mattress Review

Presidents Day Mattress Sales - AllsWell

Sale Ends February 20, 2019

Click Here to Get Flat 15% Off on Any AllsWell Mattress

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Presidents Day Mattress Sales - Nest Bedding

Sale Ends February 28, 2019

Click Here to Claim $100 Off on Any Nest Bedding Mattress

Read Nest Bedding Reviews

Presidents Day Mattress Sales - DreamCloud

Sale Ends February 19, 2019

Click Here to Get $200 Off on Any Dreamcloud Mattress

Read Dreamcloud Mattress Review

Presidents Day Mattress Sales - Layla

Sale Ends February 25, 2019

Get $125 + Two Free Pillows on Any Layla Mattress

Read Layla Mattress Review 


Sale Ends February 25, 2019

Click Here to Get $150 Off OR 2 Free Pillows on Any Avocado Mattress

Read Avocado Mattress Review

Presidents Day Mattress Sales - Loom and Leaf

Click Here to Claim $100 Visa Gift Card When You Buy Loom & Leaf Mattress

Read Loom & Leaf Mattress Review

Presidents Day Mattress Sales - PlushBeds

Sale Ends March 1, 2019

Buy PlushBeds Mattresses to Avail Amazing Offers

Presidents Day Mattress Sales - TempurPedic

Sale Ends February 25, 2019

Buy Tempur-Pedic Mattress to Get $300 Off

Read Tempur-Pedic Mattress Review

Presidents Day Mattress Sales - Ghostbed

Sale Ends on February 27, 2019

Buy GhostBed for Upto 50% Off

Read GhostBed Mattress Review

Presidents Day Mattress Sales - Nolah

Buy Nolah Mattress to Get Upto $300 Off

Read Nolah Mattress Review 

Presidents Day Mattress Sales - Tomorrow

Sale Ends on February 28, 2019

Buy Tomorrow Sleep Mattress to Get $50 Off

Read Tomorrow Sleep Mattress Review

Presidents Day Mattress Sales - Marpac

Sale Ends on February 24, 2019

Buy Marpac Yoga Mattress to Get Upto $300 Off

Read Marpac Yoga Mattress Review

Presidents Day Mattress Sales - WinkBeds

Buy WinkBed Mattress to Get $400 Off

Read WinkBeds Mattress Review 

Presidents Day Mattress Sales - Bear

Sale Ends on February 19, 2019

Buy Bear Mattress for Upto $300 Off

Read Bear Mattress Review

Presidents Day Mattress Sales - Aviya

Sale Ends on February 19, 2019

Buy Aviya Mattress to Get $200 Off

Read Aviya Mattress Review

Presidents Day Mattress Sales - ZenHaven

Buy Zenhaven Mattress to Get Free $100 VISA Gift

Read Zenhaven Mattress Review

Presidents Day Mattress Sales - Helix

Sale Ends on February 25, 2019

Buy Helix Sleep Mattress for Upto $200 Off

Read Helix Sleep review

Presidents Day Mattress Sales - Leesa

Sale Ends on February 28, 2019

Buy Leesa Mattress to Get 15% Off

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