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The Pillow Guy Goose Down Pillow is yet another item part of an incredible line of products from the clever brand Pillow Guy. I received and reviewed free one of their items in the past and was pretty impressed with their Down Alternative Pillow so naturally, I had very high expectations of their Down Pillow. This is a company that targets their items towards men who consider themselves gentleman and who pride themselves on their good taste.

pillow guy down pillow unboxing

Overview of the Pillow Guy Goose Down Pillow

While the Pillow Guy only has two pillow types in their inventory, the choice to keep it simple is wise in their case. Their Goose Down pillow comes in two densities, soft and overstuffed. Their pillows are crafted with 100% Certified RDS (Responsible Down Standard) 650 fill power White Goose Down. They’re encased in a down-proof cotton shell and then wrapped in their gorgeous white sateen cover that comes with stunning blue satin piping. The cover has a hidden zipper and truly feels like something a 5-star hotel would supply their guests (and should).

pillow guy down pillow review

Construction of the Pillow Guy Down Pillow

Pillow Guy wants to separate themselves from the crowd as a company suited more for the elite. That being the case, their terminology can vary a little so keep in mind that a Jumbo pillow is more simply a Queen size pillow.

SizeLengthWidthFill Power
Jumbo Soft202822oz
King Soft203626oz
Jumbo Medium/Firm202828oz
King Medium Firm203636oz

My Pillow Guy Goose Down Pillow Findings

Unlike the Down Alternative pillow, Pillow Guy’s Goose Down Pillow is not made from a synthetic material so there’s quite a process involved in trying to ensure that they’re providing the most desirable product on the market. Their Goose Down Pillows are 100% Certified RDS (Responsible Down Standard) but for those that want further clarification on what that means, the information below is quoted directly from the official RDS website, which can be found at

Any removal of down and feathers from live birds (live-plucking or molt-harvesting) is prohibited

Force-feeding is prohibited

Holistic respect for animal welfare of the birds from hatching to slaughter

RDS down and feathers is properly identified; to ensures that non-RDS down and feathers are not mistakenly identified as RDS

Each stage in supply chain is audited by a professional, third party certification body

Only products with 100% certified down and feathers carry the RDS logo

If you want to read more about how RDS works, there is more information towards the bottom of the home page on their official site. That’s where they discuss the certification process in further detail.

responsible down standard


Another aspect that I really like about these pillows is that they’re priced accordingly. Because Goose Down is a limited resource, it can be costly, which is why I appreciate the fact that their soft pillow, the one with less filling, actually costs less. Not every company is so honest but I believe that the Pillow Guy is and this is just one indication.

One thing I found interesting about this pillow is how different it was in terms of density between the soft and overstuffed pillow. With the Down Alternative pillows this was quite evident but I think that with the Goose Down pillows they’ve drawn the gap a little bit closer. I think this is a positive aspect actually, considering it’s Goose Down which can lose it’s loft over time. This however can be remedied. Down pillows just require their own maintenance in order for them to last long.

pillow guy down pillow unboxed

My Pillow Guy Down Pillow Recommendation

The Pillow Guy has created another top notch item that they can be proud to have in their inventory. While there is no doubt that I’m a fanatic of their advertising and would love to meet their marketing person, their products make it clear that their money is invested in far more than just their advertising. I rate this pillow an A+.

pillow guy goose down pillow packageLearn more about the Pillow Guy Down Pillow

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Pillow Guy
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Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

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The Pillow Guy Down Alternative Pillow is marketed towards gentlemen who could step up their bed game. The entire Pillow Guy brand offers an array of products, all meant to encourage men to pay more mind to this routine but an essential part of life.

The products they offer are pillows, sheets, comforters, duvet sets and also bundles to help you save in case you’re looking for a nice package deal.

Overview of the Pillow Guy Down Alternative Pillow

Pillow Guy only has 2 types of pillows in their inventory but I believe it’s more than enough; some people just don’t like foam and there already exists an array of places where foam pillows are available. The Pillow Guy brand seeks to distinguish itself by representing men of higher class and higher taste, of which quality pillows like traditional down pillows remain relevant. Their down pillows are $150.00 each, a rather steep price but I have no doubt that the quality matches the price. Usually, things made of premium materials will cost you a premium price and that’s just the reality. For those that want to spend less or are of a more animal-friendly tendency, the down alternative pillow is a solid option. With a price tag of $80.00, it’s worth considering for the budget-minded.

Construction of the Pillow Guy Down Alternative Pillow

pillow guy down alternative pillow logo

The Pillow Guy Down Alternative Pillow comes in two sizes: Jumbo and King. Jumbo is more or less just about the size of a Queen pillow (which are generally ~ 20” X 30”). I kind of wish they just sticked with the term, as anyone shopping for bedding is familiar with it but I respect their decision to focus on their male target audience. To be honest, if we’re talking about men, King would be the appropriate term to take advantage of, for the most part.

Both come with the option of two densities: soft, meant for stomach sleepers, and overstuffed, designed for back and side sleepers.

SizeLengthWidthFill Power
Jumbo Soft202830oz
King Soft203642oz
Jumbo Medium/Firm202855oz
King Medium Firm203676oz


My Pillow Guy Down Alternative Pillow Findings

The Pillow Guy Down Alternative Pillow is made of Poly Gel Fiber, a micro denier which is a synthetic polyester that’s designed to resemble the look and feel of a down pillow. In this case, their blend is a mixture of a .09D (a denier fabric that has the softest down-like feel) and 3D3V (a denier fabric which gives it loft and helps the pillow to retain its shape). Poly Gel Fiber doesn’t just seek to replicate the goose down experience but it also has great benefits which I doubt anyone could complain about, such as: it’s naturally hypoallergenic and it’s resist to dust mite, mold, and mildew—All incredibly gross things that most of us (I would hope) would like to avoid :-).

Pillow shells, that which houses the inner pillow material, are not usually a topic of conversation but what they’ve done with theirs is worth the mention and pretty interesting. Having utilized what’s known as MicronOne Technology means their pillow fabric shells are more premium than most. MicronOne technology refers to a rather high-tech fabric, invented to effectively protect the skin and respiratory system. It’s said to be the only material that’s been scientifically tested to block out bed bugs and micro toxins, down to the size of one micron. The biggest flaw with MicronOne Technology however is that there isn’t ENOUGH research behind it. This however is NOT a reason to think of Pillow Guy in any negative or skeptical way, as these are two completely separate companies. I consider Pillow Guy to be an absolutely awesome brand that has clearly done their absolute best to invest in the most high-quality materials for their high-class creations.

micronone technology pillow guy down alternative pillow

The color of the pillow cases for the down alternative pillows is something the company is quite proud of, and they should be. What they’ve dubbed to be “Pillow Guy Blue” is a striking and bold color, their own blend of Pantone colors, versatile enough to compliment various styles of bedding and decor. A lot of guys also tend to like blue so it was a great choice given their target audience. It is, after all, a rather sophisticated color. In addition, I like that their pillow cases were designed to be used as is. It feels like the sort of thing you’d get when purchasing a bedding set. It’s distinct and of quality. I feel like most companies go with the generic look of pillows; they’re always white, which is understandable (easy to know how clean or dirty they are, right?) but I appreciate that Pillow Guy chose to do something different.

It also comes with a hidden zipper (it’s actually really well hidden) and white satin piping. Piping is usually a posh feature when it comes to any product and the luxury of having it in a pillow case is really nice.

My Pillow Guy Down Alternative Pillow Recommendation

I’ll admit that I had a liking for Pillow Guy the moment I saw their commercial but pillows are more than their marketing and working here at Sleep Sherpa, you deserve the truth. The truth is that out of all of the pillows I’ve reviewed thus far, this one is probably one of my top two favorites. The quality matches its price, both the soft and overstuffed version provide more than sufficient support, it’s well designed and really thought out, it achieves its purpose to look and feel just like a down pillow (I was really surprised how well they pulled this off because it’s not easy), and the company isn’t scared to be creative in terms of the look of their product and how they market it, which I think is really cool and what variety is all about.

I also think it’s worth mentioning that despite their intense buffer against dirtiness, it’s always recommended to clean your pillows routinely, so the fact that this pillow is machine washable is a huge plus.

Additionally, they provide Free US Shipping, a 30-Day Sleep Free Guarantee, free returns, and even monthly payments through Affirm, financing for those who can’t afford the entirety of what they’d like to purchase, be it pillows or something else.

pillow guy down alternative pillow overstuffed vs stuffed comparison

In terms of their marketing, what I really like is that there’s a message associated with their products, which is not really typical of sleep products, if you think about it. Most companies are trying to provide a solution, which is great, sure, but not all of them state having a particular reason/purpose as to why they create their products in the first place.

If you haven’t seen their entire commercial, there’s mention how men who care about their appearance and their nice car, things speaking either of their social status or their attention to detail (or both), should care just as much about their sleep hygiene. Pillow Guy is making an attempt to remind people that they should have standards when it comes to their sleep, and how they sleep; it’s precisely why one of their slogans is “Get your sheet together.”

One’s bedroom is no doubt telling of one’s tendency towards cleanliness and whether we’re talking about how others will perceive you because of it, or how you perceive yourself, this is an area worth investing inregardless of whether or not you can afford the most premium products.

Seeing a line of products that are targeted towards men who are commonly known to not put much care or emphasis into their bedding, is refreshing. It’s nice to see the topic brought up and Pillow Guy does it in a really sophisticated and polite manner.

Pillow Guy challenges men to “step up their bed game,” and I think anyone dating a man who could do better in this arena, would definitely appreciate that.

This is a top-notch luxury pillow that one should not hesitate about; firstly, because of its quality and secondly, because of the company’s values and their finesse in addressing the topic of clean sleep.

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