Sweetnight Hybrid Mattress Review 2022

sweetnight 12 inch plush hybrid pillow top

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The Sweetnight 12-inch plush pillow top hybrid mattress, also known as the Sweetnight Island mattress, is loaded with features you’d find in an expensive mattress from a fancy showroom but at a fraction of the cost. The Sweetnight mattress features memory foam, motion-isolating individually-wrapped coils and it is CeriPUR-US Certified. I’m always amazed that a mattress like this can fit in a box. The Sweetnight was shipped for free via Amazon.


Overview of the Sweetnight Hybrid Mattress

I’m an avid online shopper for just about everything. Despite my online shopping habit, until recently I had never purchased a mattress without laying down on it first. When Sweetnight sent me this mattress to review I jumped at the chance. This was only my second experience with unboxing a vacuum-packed mattress. Watch the video below for my experience.

I’ve spent most of my life sleeping on standard coil spring mattresses. My sleep was often easily disturbed by my partner tossing and turning. The motion transfer was enough to disrupt my sleep. I am thoroughly impressed with the stability of the Sweetnight mattress and the minimal movement felt when my partner moved around. Not to mention, those individually wrapped coils support your body and help maintain proper back alignment and support.

Overall the mattress firmness of the Sweentnight is in the low to mid-range based on how it felt to me. This is what I would expect with a pillow-top and memory foam mattress.

How much does the Sweetnight 12-inch Mattress Cost?

I tested the King size of this mattress which is currently unavailable on Amazon. The queen and full sizes are reasonably priced for such a great night’s sleep.


Construction of the Sweetnight Hybrid Mattress

At the base of the mattress are the individually wrapped steel coils. On top of the coils is a layer of egg-crate style foam that promotes airflow. The gel memory foam sits on top of the foam and is topped with another layer of the egg-crate style foam. The mattress has a cooling and soft cover made from knitted fabric. The mattress is plush yet motion stable. For those who run hot, the cooling foam is an added benefit.

sweetnight 12 inch plush hybrid pillow top inside

My Sweetnight Hybrid Mattress Recommendation

It’s still early in my regular use of the Sweetnight 12-inch plush pillow top hybrid mattress but I see no evidence that the quality and comfort won’t hold up. There is virtually no outgassing from the mattress and the motion isolation coils surrounded by cooling and memory foam make this hard to beat. It’s a great value and the comfort rivals more expensive high-end mattresses. I am gifting this mattress to a friend, but I am giving it up with mixed emotions. I haven’t slept this well in weeks, so I might need to buy another for myself. Keep in mind you also get a 100 night trial with this mattress and a 10-year warranty so you have nothing to lose.

Check out the Sweetnight website

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