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Overview of the Spine Align Pillow

The spine align pillow is a dream pillow for my neck.  It’s soft, supportive, and contours to my head and neck keeping my spine aligned.  I’ve been experiencing neck pain and discomfort for years and contribute it largely to how I sleep.  One bad night’s sleep, with my neck out of whack, and I’m painful, with headaches.

The spine align pillow successfully keeps the cervical spine in alignment in both the side-lying and supine position.  This allows a perfect solution for people with multiple sleeping positions without having to switch pillows.

My favorite position for the pillow is face up.  It feels like my head is floating.  My cervical spine is completely supported and my head rests assured in a cushiony nest.  In this position it’s difficult to slant my head to the side or slide out of alignment.  I love knowing that although I may move or jerk in my sleep, the pillow keeps my head and neck in a proper sleeping position.

It’s wonderful to be fully supported in the cervical spine while lying on my side as I’m currently pregnant and have to sleep on my side for the majority.  The pillow completely contours to my head and neck and feels luxurious which is exactly what I want at night.

There is a large and small size to the pillow, which is easy to see and feel.  The label for the pillow is located on the larger side.   The center of the pillow is more shallow then the ends and is used for supine sleep.  The ends are used for side sleeping so the pillow has three different sections.  This design makes the pillow very unique and almost intimidating at first but the advantages are clear once in use.

One major highlight is that each section has an accessible zipper to take out or add stuffing customizing the pillow to any size or body.  I didn’t need to adjust the stuffing at all but love knowing I have the option.   My husband took advantage of adjusting the stuffing, which completely won him over.  He is a side sleeper and needed to add more stuffing to the end of the pillow.  The cover of the pillow is quilted, incredibly soft, and the sides are mesh to keep the pillow cool and ventilated.

I’ve noticed with routine use of the spine align, I’ve been sleeping more comfortably and asking my husband a lot less for neck/shoulder rubs.   With this pillow, I’m less stiff, sleeping sounder, and headache-free.  I give the spine align a big thumbs up.

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