Spartan Mattress Review 2022

Spartan Mattress by Brooklyn Bedding

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The new Spartan mattress from Brooklyn Bedding is a luxury performance mattress that utilizes some of the best foams, fabrics and coils to create a sleeping surface that provides maximum contouring, support and recovery. This mattress sets itself apart from the rest of the hybrid mattress pack incorporating a cover made with Nanobionic technology. As I understand it, this is similar to Celliant technology. Both are registered with the FDA and can make a claim that they turn body heat into waves of energy to promote faster recovery and better sleep. Since this technology is part of the mattress, you reap the benefits night after night without having to think about it.

The Spartan is quite a bit higher than many of its hybrid competitors at $1,999 before discounts, but the quality is apparent throughout.

Overview of the Spartan Mattress

Here’s a quick video overview of this mattress’s main benefits. It has a distinct-looking cover with handles along the sides.

Unboxing the Spartan Mattress

Your Spartan mattress will arrive in a box like the one below. It is made by Brooklyn Bedding, an Arizona mattress manufacturer.

As you can see below, the mattress comes roll packed. It requires heavy machinery to roll a mattress this tight.


This is the mattress out of the box but still in the packaging. You can see where the coils are towards the bottom. These will spring to life quickly.

spartan packaged

The picture below was taken just minutes after opening the mattress. It is basically ready to sleep on. The wrinkles around the edges will go away and of course you won’t see them with sheets over the mattress. There is some smell to this mattress but not too bad.

spartan opening

Construction of the Brooklyn Bedding Spartan Mattress

Below are the construction details of the mattress as listed on their website.

Spartan Mattress Layers

  • Three levels of firmness let you decide the level of support you need.
  • An elite performance top utilizes Nanobionic® technology, registered with the FDA, to transform your body’s heat into waves of energy—reflected back to you through the medium of fibers, helping to enhance faster recover and promote quality of sleep.
  • A 1.5” top layer of patented CopperGel Energex™ foam provides responsive contouring with targeted pressure point relief and the highly conductive, antimicrobial properties of copper.
  • A second 2” layer of hyper-elastic TitanFlex™ foam provides cloud-like comfort with immediate response technology that adjusts to your body each time you move.
  • A patented phase change molecule surface infusion of TitanCool™ maintains body temperature at an ideal 88 degrees.
  • A third 1” Swirl Visco-Elastic Memory Foam layer provides enhanced contouring and deeper compression support with added cooling.
  • An 8” base of up to 1,189 individually encased Quantum™ Edge coils delivers ultimate pressure point relief while decreasing motion transfer.
  • A 1” high density foam base adds durability to the mattress while reinforcing individually encased coils as they compress.
  • Delivered in a box, allowing for easy transportation from your door to your bedroom.
  • Proudly custom made in the U.S.A. with a 10-year warranty.
  • Offered with a 120-night risk free trial.

How Much Does the Spartan Mattress Cost?

Here are the latest prices as listed on their website.

SizeRetail Price
Twin XL$1,449
California King$2,399

My Spartan Mattress Findings

Right out of the box you will notice the distinct look of the mattress. Don’t let the dark color discourage you from purchasing. After you put a mattress protector over it, you won’t see the dark color through the sheets. Also, you will still get the benefits of the Nanobionic fabric through the mattress protector and sheets.

Here you can see the handles stitched into the side if you would like to rotate the mattress. I recommend rotating every other month, especially if you sleep with a partner with that is significantly heavier or lighter than you.

spartan handles

Here’s a pic of the cover. The fabric has some stretch to it so you can sink into the layers of foam.

Below is my 14 lb. bowling ball on the mattress to illustrate sinkage. There is a good amount of sink with this mattress which makes it great for side sleeping.

spartan sinkage

Here you can see how the foam layers start to sink with the bowling ball.

spartan inside

This mattress will have bounce given it has a coil system but they are pocket coils so they don’t transfer motion. Also, the top layers of foam absorb most of the impact when dropping my bowling ball.

In the video below you can see in more detail how each layer reacts. What surprised me was that the foam is quick to recover but still feels like a denser foam. When I laid on the mattress I had really good contouring.

My Brooklyn Bedding Spartan Mattress Recommendation

The Spartan mattress sets itself apart from the pack of other performance mattresses in that it is able to incorporate all the latest foam and fabric technology to create a great feel. Aside from the benefits you get from the Nanobionic technology, it just feels like a well-made mattress. If you want to get the contouring of dense foam with less heat retention and much more responsiveness, this mattress is a great choice. You will sink into this mattress a bit, and you get a nice cradling sensation that is perfect for side sleepers. While you certainly pay a premium, this mattress should have a good lifespan and in my opinion, is a solid investment.

Learn more about the Spartan Mattress from Brooklyn Bedding

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