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SOL has made luxury organic cotton sheets more accessible by passing savings onto the consumer. I received a free set of SOL Organics sheets for review. SOL Organics (Sustained Organic Living)  is a company based out of the Twin Cities that makes fair trade, organic sheets at an amazing price. It was a pleasure to learn that such an honest and ethical company was in my own backyard! I was invited out to their offices to see first hand what makes this company so different. I was totally blown away by their transparency and honesty.

Overview of SOL Organics

Here’s an overview of SOL in their own words:

At SOL, our mission is to take organic cotton mainstream.
But it’s not only our mission—it’s our passion. To make organic cotton a reality for all, we want it to be within everyone’s reach.

Founded by Sachin and Vishal —two friends with a deep respect for the planet and the environment—our company has been in the health and wellness market for over 20 years, starting as a manufacturer of beeswax candles. That’s where our story begins.

We bee-lieve in healthy hives.
You’ve likely heard the expression “colony collapse.” A few years ago, bee colonies were dying off at an alarming rate. The plight of bees worried us, not only for our livelihood, but also for the health of the global food system.

Studies have linked colony collapse to the overuse of pesticides and herbicides. Which crop employs the majority of these toxins? Cotton.

As global citizens, we asked: What if supporting the production of organic cotton also supported bees?

SOL stands for Sustained Organic Living.
Since 2010, SOL has made a sustainable difference by offering luxury organic cotton products

That means we uphold fair trade practices with our partners in India, who also reap the benefits of organic production.

It also means that our customers sleep easier on, soft, smooth organic sheets they can afford without compromising on quality.

To us, that’s luxury without compromise.  

Join the SOL movement.
Do it for the bees, for your family, for yourself—and for the earth. With SOL, organic cotton is now within reach of us all.

Ordering SOL Sheets

Ordering SOL sheets is a breeze with their streamlined website. You can choose from plain, pleated or hemmed sheets then choose colors from there.  Once you place your order, the sheets should arrive in about a week. While you’re at it check out their other products including their non GMO essential oil candles. This company is also well known for their expertise in essential oils.

Here’s a video of me “unboxing” the sheets.

My SOL Organics Findings

These sheets are light and airy and feel amazing. The breathability is unsurpassed. Here’s a detailed view of the sheets This is the pleated blue sheet. The stitching is consistent and the quality is definitely there.

Sol Sheets

Here’s the bottom of the fitted sheet. Again, great quality and consistency

Fitted sheets sol

This is a 300 count sheet but the most important piece to that is that it is long staple cotton.

Here’s a closeup of the Sol Organics sheets after one wash





My SOL Organics Recommendation

I have not found a better value for organic sheets than SOL Organics. The fact that they ethically source their product and pay the farmers and factory worker a just wage seals the deal. SOL takes it a step further by pricing their sheets to that they are more accessible to everyone. I absolutely love how these sheets feel and the proof is in the pictures. If you don’t love these sheets, SOL has a 30 day money back guarantee where they will refund the full purchase price.


Shop SOL Organics

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