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When SOL Organics recently sent me a set of their sheets for review, I was a bit skeptical about what I would get, given their competitive pricing.  My wife and I and even my two small kids have slept on sheets at all price points from your run of the mill Target sheets to a high end Frette set retailing for over $1,000 and let me tell you I was shocked at the quality and value of these sheets.

As a former librarian I like to do my research. It’s simply not enough to have a great story about your product, it also has to be backed up by facts. SOL Organics sheets are true to their claims and are a true disruptor by being the price leader for Organic Cotton Sheets. Price is important to me because I believe everyone should be able to afford a quality bedding set and if possible, an Organic bedding set which is healthy for their family and the environment.

I spend a lot of my time thinking about and mulling over mattresses. Gotta say, it’s a dream job. But what goes on top of a mattress can make or break a good night’s sleep. I’m talking linens. And for my money – competing brands offer products of similar quality for as much as 2x the price –  SOL Organics sets a new standard in ethical luxury bedding.

Overview of SOL Organics

I had heard about SOL Organics from my work following innovators/disruptors in the bedding industry. Turns out, its headquarters are in my hometown, Minneapolis, MN. SOL Organics brands itself as a direct-to-consumer retailer of fair trade, ethically produced organic bedding. That piqued my interest. But what truly sparked my curiosity was the SOL Organics promise: luxury bedding without compromise that most people can afford. The owners of SOL sent me a set of sheets to review, then invited me out to see firsthand what makes their company so different.

I was surprised at what I discovered.

What is SOL?

SOL stands for Sustained Organic Living. Since 2010, SOL Organics has worked to make a difference by offering luxury organic cotton products. That difference isn’t just for consumers, who get to enjoy the benefits of wonderfully smooth, soft-as-a-lambs-ear sheets. It’s also for the people who contribute to making the product—the farmers who grow the organic cotton, the workers who transform the raw materials into textiles, the finishers who sew seams and turn hems. Everyone reaps the rewards.

I should clarify: There’s one group of folks left out of the rewards cycle—the middlemen, who artificially inflate prices and obscure the chain of production. Because SOL Organics sells directly to consumers, they’re cut out of the deal. Which is a win for all of us.

The company refuses to profit from its fair-trade pricing. In other words, SOL pays a premium—around 15 percent—to ensure fair-trade protections; beyond that, the profit it makes is strictly from the streamlined sales of its goods. Other companies allow that figure to inflate, which results in a cost structure that places fair-trade goods out of reach for many consumers.

SOL Organics wants its fair-trade bedding to be accessible to all.

Above all, SOL Organics has built its business on an unwavering belief in the sustainability of fair trade. By upholding fair trade practices with its partners in India, SOL Organics is able to offer luxury bedding that’s truly without compromise. For those who buy SOL Organics sheets, it means sleep untainted by the specter of unsavory manufacturing practices.

But how do these do-good luxury sheets measure up?

Ordering SOL Sheets

Ordering SOL sheets is a breeze. They sell sheets, duvets, complete bedding sets, and even crib sheets. The clean, clear interface asks you to choose from plain, pleated or hemmed sheets in six different colors. The sheets arrive in about a week—and often faster.

Here’s a video of me “unboxing” the sheets.


The Test

I’ve laid my head on a lot of linens over the years. All the name brands, and newcomers, too. And I can say with confidence that SOL Organics stacks up with the best.

The sheets are light and airy and feel amazing. Their breathability is unsurpassed. I will be getting some for my own kids as I want them to be sleeping on chemical free, organic sheets. You may think that the pesticides used in conventional cotton production come out in the wash but that’s not necessarily true.











Here’s a detailed view of the sheets; this is the pleated blue sheet. The stitching is consistent and the quality is high.

Sol Sheets









Here’s the bottom of the fitted sheet. Again, great quality and consistency.

Fitted sheets sol


















There’s a lot of marketing spin out there about thread counts. This is a 300-count sheet. What’s important to know, though, is the character of its cotton. I always look for long-staple cotton, which makes for a smoother, more durable surface.

And here it is!











I’ve had sheets from other companies tested through independent labs, and I’ve been very disappointed with the results. Often companies make claims of thread counts and staple length that are, well, long on promise and short on truth. SOL lives up to its thread count and quality claims in every respect.

Here’s a close-up of the Sol Organics sheets after one wash.









I’ve slept on hundreds of mattresses and just as many sheets. And I can say SOL Organics offers top value. The quality is top notch. The feel is silky smooth. The buying experience is super easy. The choices are streamlined—but having too many options makes my head hurt, so I’m perfectly OK with that.

What’s more, the ethos of SOL Organics truly agrees with me. An ethically sourced sheet produced with just wages seals the deal. If you don’t want to lie awake worrying about the farmers and workers who made your luxury sheets, or the aquifers and soil that supply the cotton crop, you can’t do better than SOL Organics.

Basically, if you eat organic, it makes sense to sleep SOL Organics. SOL makes it easy by offering its goods at extremely competitive prices.

I absolutely love how these sheets feel, and the proof is in the pictures. I suggest you try them. If you feel differently, SOL has a 30-day money-back guarantee. Sleep on it and decide for yourself.

Get 20% off an already amazing price by using the coupon code SHERPA20 at checkout. A queen set retails for $160. With this coupon code, you get one fitted and one flat sheet as well as two pillowcases for $128.

Shop SOL Organics

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8 thoughts on “SOL Organics Sheets Review”

  1. beautiful sheets well priced

  2. Well made sheets
    Wash well and are soft to the skin

  3. Debra hansen says:

    These are the softest sheets! Great product with a terrific mission!

  4. Do these sheets need ironing?

    1. Yes, if you want them as smooth as possible. However if you put them on your bed right out of the dryer you should be fine. They don’t use any chemical anti-wrinkle treatments.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Should we get Sateen or Percale ? Have you tested both?

        1. Sleep Sherpa says:

          Both are great. I prefer the Sateen

  5. WOW! Soft yet the weight and feel exude quality! We now have 3 sets of sheets, the duvet, and the all season comforter. Theses are the best sheets you can get unless you are willing to spend 3 times the money or more! They really are that good! PLUS Organic and Fair Trade! Even if you spend three times the price they may not be either. ***Please realize that all of my ratings take price into consideration. Again we liked them so much that we are a repeat customer. Any complaint I have would be nit-picking. At this price you should not even expect to get what you do get……they are that good.

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