Slumber Party! Inside The Unlikely Mattress Startup Boom - BuzzFeed News

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The Warby Parker of Bedding? BuzzFeed has a great article on all the new mattress startups popping up online. Saatva, Yogabed, Leesa, Keetsa and Tuft & Needle are all out to get a share of the mutli billion dollar mattress industry. Some insiders think that these mattress startups will fail but I think they are definitely filling a need and doing so at a very fair price. There’s really no reason to spend thousands of dollars on a quality mattress. The new competition introduced by these startups has created an option for high quality with a very low price and exceptional customer service on top of that. Here’s the article, Slumber Party! Inside The Unlikely Mattress Startup Boom – BuzzFeed News.

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