Slumber Cloud Mattress Pad Review

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The Slumber Cloud Cirriform mattress pad is a true mattress pad in that is thick and actually pads the bed, imagine that! I have slept on many other “mattress pads” that are really nothing more than a plastic sheet with a think layer of cotton over them. They are actually mattress protectors being marketed as pads.

The Slumber Cloud mattress pad is not waterproof so it is recommended that you get a protector if you think your mattress may be vulnerable to stains. Slumber Cloud makes a great mattress protector, also with temperature regulation that complements their pad perfectly.

Here are the specifications for the Slumber Cloud Cirriform mattress pad

  • 300 thread count 100% cotton for soft breathable comfort
  • Fits mattresses up to 20”
  • 100% polyester fiberfill provides supportive comfort
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Easy to care for – just throw it in the washing machine
  • Outlast® Gold Comfort Rating

Opening the Slumbercloud Mattress Pad

Below is the Slumber Cloud mattress pad on my king-sized bed. There’s a substantial amount of padding to it so it took up my whole washing machine. It looks fantastic on my mattress and when you put sheets over it you can still see the square patches giving the mattress more of a quality look rather than a plain surface. I suppose if I made my sheets tighter that would go away but I like it.

Slumber cloud review


I have been sleeping on this mattress pad for a few nights and can really feel the temperature regulating effects. I have my Brooklinen sheets on top of the mattress pad which are 100% cotton. It’s the dog days of summer in Minnesota right now and temps are in the mid-80s during the day and drop to around 65-70 at night. I don’t have central air in my house and slept great with the windows open and a fan. My previous mattress pad kept me somewhat cool but this mattress pad really works hard to regulate temperature.

Slumber Cloud has a 30-day money back guarantee for their products so if you find that this mattress pad doesn’t meet your needs after a few weeks, and I’m not sure why it wouldn’t, you can get your money back.

If you are looking for a product that will give you great padding and the added benefit of temperature regulation, not too hot, not too cold, this is it! As I have said many times, there’s no sense in buying a good mattress if you top it off with inferior bedding. You can buy the Cirriform mattress pad from Slumber Cloud direct from there website HERE.

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