Sleep Number Pillow Review

Sleep Number Pillow Review

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Sleep Number is known for their adjustable firmness beds that use an air chamber to make the bed firmer or softer for you and your partner. I recently purchased a Sleep Number pillow to see how they stack up against some of the other pillows on the market.

You can buy this pillow direct from the Sleep Number website. Mine arrived in under a week. I bought the king size Airfit Adjustable Pillow with Coolfit Foam. I didn’t see an option to buy a queen size. The king size pillow is big and might be a bit unwieldy for people that may want to move their pillow around at night.

Overview of the Sleep Number Pillow

Below is a video of me opening the pillow and showing how it works. You can actually blow into the valve to inflate the pillow even further which I didn’t show in the video.


Air chamber for customized firmness
Gel infused memory foam
100% polyester cover
5 year limited warranty

My Sleep Number Pillow Findings

I found this pillow to be a bit firm no matter how much or little air I put into it. The reason being is that the air chamber is a stiff plastic so the pillow can’t be squished like a normal down pillow. It was easy to inflate or deflate the pillow but it didn’t help my overall comfort. Below is a picture of the valve. It looks like the same valve you use on a sleeping mat for camping.

Sleep Number valve

I am mostly a stomach sleeper and sometimes a side sleeper so I think this pillow was too thick for me. I think it would be best for back sleepers that want to fine tune how their neck is positioned on the mattress. As you can see the pillow is gusseted and looks to be very well made.

Sleep number gusset

My Sleep Number Pillow Recommendation

I really wanted to like this pillow but it just didn’t do it for me. It retails for $239.99 which is pricey for a pillow but I was able to get it on sale for $120 which is more reasonable for a pillow with special functions. Sleep Number has a Pillow Quiz on their website which you can take. I bought this pillow without taking the quiz because I was more interested in the technology. I just took the quiz and was given a choice of 3 pillows, 2 of which seem to be better suited to my sleeping position. I have yet to review any of the Sleep Number mattresses but that is on the list.

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3 thoughts on “Sleep Number Pillow Review”

  1. I would love to have a pillow that helps me sleep on planes. We take several plane trips a year, and they are usually “red eye” flights. Sleeping on a plane has been a problem.

  2. I am a self-employed woman, who needs to travel frequently for meetings. Sleeping patterns and body can suffer a lot. Good to know that there are such innovations that can help me get a good night’s sleep on the go!

  3. Sleep Number ComfortFit Curved Pillow -Is very stiff and VERY UNCOMFORTABLE. I do not Recommend this pillow. A total wasted of $80. VERY DISAPPOINTING…after all the hype.

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