Sleep Number C2 Mattress Review (2022 Update)

Sleep Number C2 Mattress Review

Recently updated on February 18th, 2022 at 07:30 pm

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The Sleep Number C2 Mattress is the most popular of the Sleep Number offerings. It is also the most affordable with a queen size coming in at about $1,200 after delivery. What makes Sleep Number unique among other mattresses is that it has a dual air chamber below the comfort layer of foam that can be adjusted for firmness by letting air in or out of the mattress. All of this is controlled by a quiet pump that is connected to each side so that one side can be firm and the other soft.

Overview of the Sleep Number C2 Mattress

Here’s a quick video overview of the mattress and my experience so far. This is a more complicated mattress than the typical 3 layer foam mattresses I have reviewed so I definitely want to take more time with it to make sure I cover everything.

Ordering Your Select Comfort C2 Mattress

You can order this mattress direct from their website. I opted to purchase the standalone remote which is an extra and the integrated base to ensure that the mattress was on a solid surface to ensure I get the full experience. In the picture above it is on a slatted bed. normally I would put this on a metal bed frame made for a box spring.

After placing my order I received an email to download their App to track my sleep and adjust the bed.

My mattress took about a couple weeks to arrive. You will receive a call to schedule a delivery day and then get a call the morning of delivery with a time window. On delivery day a branded truck arrived. I really like that this company has their own delivery staff and recognizable truck.

Sleep Number Delivery

The delivery staff also called when they were about 15 minutes away so I could prepare for their arrival. I can’t speak highly enough of the delivery staff who were super friendly, knowledgeable about the product and helpful.

My mattress arrived in two boxes. The smaller box contains the cover, fire sock and mechanical pieces and the other box is the comfort layer.

Sleep Number C2 Box

The delivery staff will set everything up and even haul away my old mattress if needed, this is all included in the $199 delivery fee. The first step was the integrated base below. This basically comes assembled and I highly recommend it because it keeps all the hoses hidden and ensures that the mattress is on a solid, even surface.

Sleep Number Base

Here’s the panel in the base where you can access the tubes.

sleep number tubes

The first step is to put the cover down then put the fire sock which is a fire retardant barrier over that.

sleep number cover

After that you put down the comfort layer. This is all done upside down so the top of the mattress is facing downwards this makes it easier to insert the air chambers then flip the mattress after its all put together.

The comfort layer also has foam around the sides so that you don’t feel the air chambers and have a bit better edge support.

comfort layer

Here’s another shot of the comfort layer as it takes shape.

comfort layer c2

After this then the fire sock gets wrapped around the comfort layer.

fire sock c2

Finally the cover then goes around the sides and gets ready for the air chamber to go inside.

c2 knit cover


How Much Does the Sleep Number C2 Cost?

Below are the current prices from their website. From what I have seen, Select Comfort will have sales throughout the year so keep an eye out for those sales which usually occur around minor holidays like President’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day and Black Friday.

SizeRetail PriceShipping
Twin XL$699$199

Construction of the Sleep Number C2 360 Smart Bed

There isn’t a whole lot of information on the construction of this mattress but that’s probably because it isn’t made like a typical mattress.


My Sleep Number C2 Findings

You get a lot of variation with the firmness which is what makes this mattress so attractive to couples. Especially couples that have drastically different preferences. To illustrate how versatile this mattress is I put some bowling balls on the mattress. The left side is at 50 and the right side is at 100.

Sleep Number Sinkage

In the picture below I now put the left side at 5 which is the lowest setting and the right is at 100, the firmest setting.

Sleep Number C2 Firmness

There are two ways you can adjust the firmness the first is with a standard remote which you can purchase separately for $39

Sleep Number RemoteThis mattress is great for isolating motion between you and your partner. The air chamber underneath is separate on each side so that you won’t feel your partner moving around. Below is a video that shows me bouncing a 14 lb. bowling ball on the left side of the mattress.

My Sleep Number C2 Recommendation

Sleep Number is a great choice if you have significantly different firmness preferences than your partner. The C2 is a great introduction to the brand because you get access to all their technology. People looking for a more plush feel should take a look at the other models such as the P5 or P6 which have 5 inches of comfort layers as opposed to the C2 which has 2 inches of the comfort layer.

This is a relatively expensive mattress but you do get quite a bit of technology though. I also think if you want to make it plusher, you could look at purchasing a memory foam topper on Amazon and add it to the mattress to make it softer. Since the more plush option such as the P6 is $2,599 for a queen size and the only difference I can tell is 3 more inches of foam.

This is still a preliminary review and I will be updating content as I have more time with the mattress.

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6 thoughts on “Sleep Number C2 Mattress Review (2022 Update)”

  1. Any updates on how the Sleepnumber has been working for you? I’m getting ready to buy one buy I’m still on the fence about it.

  2. I’m also eager to see how you faired as I’m ready to purchase a king sized c2 after trying one in our local sleep number I preferred the less foam of the c2 to the plusher models but worried it might not work with out child who still currently sleeps with us

    1. Sleep Sherpa says:

      I was pretty impressed with the C2. I think the higher end models are a bit overpriced for what you get though. You can always add a foam topper to the C2 to make it softer or get more of a foam feel out of it.

  3. Any updates on the bed, thinking on purchasing one as well.

  4. Joy Neuville says:

    I would NOT recommend this company to anyone! I had a bed delivered and they charged us for set up after telling us SPECIFICALLY that there would be no charge for it. We had previously purchased beds from them and always set them up ourselves, but this last one they told us it was free set up so we said ok. Sad the manager we talked to on the phone wouldn’t even talk to the salesman we had to confirm and honor what he told us. BEWARE!

  5. Stay away from Sleep Number. The bed itself is akin to something my husband could have thrown together in the garage with a few camping mattresses, a couple of 2×4 and a inflatable bed hose. For a bed that costs the price of a small vehicle, it’s shockingly makeshift under the surface.

    As someone who has travelled extensively and slept on everything from the floor, to sand, a hammock, a dog bed and 5 Star Hotel beds, I’ve never in my life experienced a worst night of sleep. In fact, I woke up in pain every night I slept on the sleep number bed. This has never happened to me in my life. We purchased this bed to alleviate pain, and were told it takes a while to ‘adjust to a new mattress’, as if we’ve never owned more than one mattress in our lives. Never have we had to adjust to a new sleeping surface and we certainly didn’t expect to be IN pain while ‘adjusting’ to this one.

    Not only that, Sleep Number as a company expects you to continue to sleep on the bed for a full 30 days before they charge you, yes THEY CHARGE YOU to come and collect it. This is apparently because, even if you want it out of your house in the first 2 days, you’ll be paying for the privilege of hanging on to it for 100….

    My recommendation is that unless you fancy a bed that has the construction of something McGuiver threw together in 45 mins, steer clear of Sleep Number and don’t buy into the hype. The technology is a sweet looking app that is currently mistaking my 250lb, 6’4″ husband for my 7lb cat resulting in a sleep session of 22hr….he’s not even in it (yes we’ve restarted the app..) that app is going to tell you you got a great nights sleep (see image) even if you know you were in agony for most of it and eventually got up feeling like you dislocated a hip in the wee hours.

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