Simplified Bedding Review

Simplified Bedding Review 1

Recently updated on June 9th, 2016 at 10:07 am

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If you hate making your bed every day, if you hate how your top sheet always winds up on your significant other’s side of the bed, then you really need to think about Simplified Bedding.

Simplified Bedding is one of those inventions where you wonder why someone hadn’t thought of this decades ago because it make so much sense. The Simplified Bedding system is basically a duvet cover with a top sheet attached to it by a zipper and some Velcro.

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By attaching the top sheet to the duvet cover, the system eliminates the problems of losing your top sheet at night. It also makes it super easy to make your bed because your sheet is already aligned perfectly with your duvet cover so you don’t have to worry about it sticking out.

Simplified Bedding is perfect for people who have better things to do that worry that their bed looks well made. You could argue that just sleeping without a top sheet would make more sense but that’s the genius behind Simplified Bedding. The top sheet keeps your duvet clean and it’s easy to remove the top sheet from the duvet to clean it. It means a cleaner duvet and less wear and tear on your duvet from the washing machine.

If you have kids at home this product makes perfect sense. It’s easy for a kid to have a well made bed in less time. I hate making my own bed let alone my children’s beds so this is one small victory for parents.

The fabric is 100% cotton 300 thread count. The duvet cover also has built in corner ties for a better fit. It’s super soft and cozy!

Simplified Bedding has a patent on this technology so you may not see anything like it anytime soon. If you like the idea of saving time and having a tidy bedroom, this product can’t be beat.

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