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Silk and Snow Hybrid Review

Silk and Snow mattress review

Recently updated on October 19th, 2020 at 07:00 pm

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Silk and Snow has been selling mattresses online since 2017. They started with the all foam Silk and Snow mattress and this past year introduced the Silk and Snow Hybrid. Silk and Snow is very intentional about where they source their material and manufacture their mattresses. The hybrid model is made with foam, coils and fabric from Canada and is made in Canada. This mattress is great for sleepers that prefer a slighty firmer, more supportive feel that will sleep cool all night long. Given the construction and specs, this mattress is an incredible value.

Overview of the Silk and Snow Hybrid

Here’s a video overview of the Silk and Snow and what to expect.

You can order this mattress directly from their website. After you place your order, your mattress should arrive in about a week or two depending on where you live. The mattress comes roll packed but not folded. This means that the box will be the full width of the mattress. In my case, I was given a king size to review which made the box longer than most. Given the weight and size of the box, I advise 2 people to move it into your bedroom. In my case, I removed it from the box before I brought it in the house since the box was dirty and the mattress itself is still roll packed in plastic and won’t come loose until you cut the plastic open.

silk and snow hybrid box

How Much Does the Silk and Snow Hybrid Cost?

Below are the prices as of this writing. You can claim the discount through this link.

Size Price USDPrice After DiscountPrice CADPrice After Discount
Twin XL$700$500$900$700
California King$1,00$800$1150$950

Construction of the Silk and Snow Hybrid Mattress

Below are the construction specs as listed on the Silk and Snow website, starting with the top cover.

Silk and Snow Hybrid Cross Section

Antimicrobial Cover
Innovative silver-infused material prevents bacteria growth
Cool Sleep Surface
High-quality quilted foam ensures a cool sleeping surface with exceptional plushness
Pressure Relief
4 lb High-Density Memory Foam provides deep pressure point relief
Zoned Lumbar Support
Firmer middle zone guarantees reliable and balanced support
Pocket Coil Base
Up to 1200 double tempered pocketed spring coils limit motion transfer and deliver unparalleled support
Firm Edge Support
Extra firm perimeter prevents flattening when sitting on the edge, and reinforces the structure.
Twin – 600 pocket coils
Twin XL – 621 pocket coils
Double – 800 pocket coils
Queen – 1000 pocket coils
King – 1200 pocket coils
California King – 1204 pocket coils
Box Dimensions
Twin – 16.75″ x 16.75″ x 44″
Twin XL – 16.75″ x 16.75″ x 44″
Double – 15.75″ x 15.75″ x 58″
Queen – 15.75″ x 15.75″ x 64″
King – 15.75″ x 15.75″ x 81″
California King – 15.75″ x 15.75″ x 81″


silk and snow hybrid construction

My Silk and Snow Hybrid Findings

This mattress has extra features that you don’t often see at this price point. For example, you get 1,200 pocket coils in the king size and zoned support. This really makes a difference. You get better contouring and less motion transfer. This mattress is also made with a rigid foam perimeter for better edge support so you can maximize the use of the mattress.

side sleeping silk and snow hybrid

The cover has a soft, silky feel with a silver infused cover that keeps the mattress fresh. Despite this, I still recommend using a mattress protector.

silk and snow squish

This mattress does provide contouring but I slept more, “on” the mattress than, “in” it. Because there is less of my body surrounded by the mattress, it just naturally sleeps cooler.

silk and snow hybrid sinkage

My Silk and Snow Hybrid Recommendation

I highly recommend this mattress for people looking for a firmer mattress that sleeps cool, provides great support, especially for your hips, and does not sleep hot. After discounts, you can get this mattress for $700 in a queen size which places it in my budget mattress category but not really because the specs on the mattress are right up there with some of the other top brands. This mattress comes with a now standard 100-night trial which means free shipping to you and free returns with a full refund if you don’t like it within the 100 night time period. This mattress is made in Canada with material sourced in Canada all for an incredible price.

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  1. Considering the similarities, do you feel a significant difference between this and the Logan and Cove? Would you recommend one in particular?

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