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The Signature Sleep 12 inch memory foam mattress is an incredible value. You can currently buy a queen size on Amazon for less than $300. Because it is also Prime eligible, you also get free shipping. This is a two-layer mattress that is good for all sleeping positions and is an excellent choice for someone looking for a mattress for a guest room or may just need one for a short amount of time. It also works as an everyday mattress.

Overview of the Signature Sleep Mattress

You can buy this mattress directly from Amazon and it will ship in a few days. It comes in a box like the one below so moving it into your bedroom is easy. I purchased a full size for review but a queen size box wouldn’t be that much bigger.

signature sleep box

Once you get it out of the box you just cut open the plastic wrap and the mattress will begin to take life. This mattress took longer than most to fully expand. The directions say to wait 72 hours to get its full shape but you can sleep on it earlier than that if need be.

Signature Sleep Mattress Box

Here’s what it looks like right after opening. After about 3 days it will come to full shape.

Signature Sleep Mattress initial openingHere’s a quick video that highlights some of the main features of the mattress. As you can see in the video it’s not much to look at in terms of aesthetics but that doesn’t really matter since you will be putting sheets on it.

Construction of the Signature Sleep Memory Foam Mattress

signature sleep mattress constrcutionHere are the construction details that are listed on their Amazon page

  • The Signature Sleep Memoir 12 inch mattress is made with a 4″ top layer of comfortable Memoir Foam, followed by 8 inches of high density foam; this allows for the mattress to mold to the body’s natural shape for a comfortable night’s sleep.
  • Comfortable, eco-friendly mattress to help minimize pressure on the body, distribute weight evenly and provide balanced support no matter how much you toss and turn.
  • The 12 inch Memory Foam mattress ships compressed, rolled, and vacuum sealed in a single box. Please allow up to 72 hours for the mattress to fully expand and for any potential odor to dissipate.
  • The Signature Sleep Memoir 12 mattress is made with CertiPUR-US certified foam. Foam in this mattress is made without PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (“Tris”) flame retardants, ozone depleters, mercury, lead and heavy metals
  • This Memory Foam mattress includes a soft cover made of breathable knit fabric; it is non-removable.

Here’s a picture of the label on the box of the mattress

Signature Sleep LabelHow Much Does the Signature Sleep Mattress Cost?

Below are the prices listed on Amazon as of this writing. Check Amazon for the latest prices.

Twin XLN/A

My Signature Sleep Findings

Upon initially opening this mattress you will think that it is probably too soft. You need to give it adequate time to come to life though. After 3 days the mattress will firm up considerably. Here’s how much my 14 lb. bowling ball sinks into the mattress. This is a slow sink, meaning that it will slowly conform to you. Some Amazon reviewers describe this as a really nice hug.

Signature Sleep Mattress Sink

This is a two-layer foam mattress with 4 inches of comfort contouring foam on the top layer so you really won’t notice any motion transfer and if you do, I would make sure that it is on a solid foundation. Here’s a quick video illustrating motion transfer on the mattress.

Here’s a look inside the mattress that shows how each layer reacts. It should be noted that there is no phase change cooling material in the top layer and some Amazon reviews note about it sleeping hot. I would say that this is due to the fact that it is a memory foam mattress and people transitioning from a spring to a foam mattress will notice that it does insulate considerably more.

In this video, I try and illustrate how slowly the foam on the top layer conforms and just how cozy you can get in this mattress.

My Signature Sleep Recommendation

Overall this mattress is an awesome value for the money. You would be hard pressed to find a less expensive mattress with this construction. In terms of how it feels, It will feel a bit firm at first but you will slowly sink into it. Another popular Amazon mattress is the Zinus Green Tea mattress which I found to be softer than this mattress. I think this mattress would be a more versatile mattress though and more accommodating to stomach sleepers.

Learn more about the Signature Sleep Mattress.


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