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Roma Mattress

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The Roma Mattress by Sleep EZ is a latex, foam and organic cotton mattress that gives great support with good pressure relief. This mattress comes roll packed and shipped in a box. A queen size currently retails for $995. What makes this mattress special is that it is a dual sided mattress. Sleep EZ has taken their decades of experience in the mattress industry to develop a medium feel on one side and a firm feel on the other. This greatly increases your chances of loving the mattress but also makes it versatile so that if your preferences change over time, the Roma mattress will still work for you.

Overview of the Roma Mattress

Sleep EZ is a factory direct manufacturer. That means there is truly no middleman. You get factory direct pricing. Also, Sleep EZ has been in the mattress business for over 4 decades so they certainly know how to make a good mattress and will likely be around to honor a 10-year warranty. They are headquartered out of Arizona and have a showroom in Tempe.

The Roma comes roll packed which makes shipping to your door easy. Here’s a picture of it out of the box. You also get a free latex pillow with your purchase. If you order a king, queen or full size, they will also include two free latex pillows.

roma mattress

It will spring to full shape quickly since this is mostly a latex mattress and that means you can sleep on it a few hours after opening.  Here’s a video overview of the mattress explaining some of its benefits.

Construction of the Roma Mattress

This mattress is a dual firmness which means one side is firmer than the other. I really like this concept since it raises the likelihood that you will get the right firmness. And, if your needs change over time, you can always flip the mattress.

Below are the construction details as given by Sleep EZ.

  • 100% Natural Dunlop latex
  • The top 3″ layer is D65
  • The bottom 6″ layer is D85
  • CertiPur-Us foam is a part of the channel quilting.

How Much Does the Roma Cost?

Below are the prices of the mattress as listed on their site:

SizeRetail Price
Twin XL$595
Cal King$1,095

My Roma Mattress Findings

Normally an all latex mattress won’t have a lot of sink, and if it does, it won’t “hug” you as much as a foam or pillow top mattress would. With the Roma, you get some foam that is quilted into the top layer which gives it a softer and plusher feel.

The picture below is with my 14 lb. bowling ball sinking into the mattress.

roma mattress sinkHere’s a video that illustrates motion transfer on the mattress. This doesn’t have as much motion transfer as an all latex mattress because there is a layer of foam just underneath the organic cotton cover. The latex underneath responds instantly but the foam will absorb a lot of the impact. This leads to less motion transfer and a softer feel.

My Roma Mattress Recommendation

The Roma has quite a bit going for it. It has an unassuming look but it is made with quality material. The durable latex will give this mattress a long life and the channel quilted foam gives you great pressure relief. I tried both sides of the Roma and as a side/stomach sleeper, the medium side felt best. Back and dedicated stomach sleepers will likely prefer the firmer side.

This mattress comes with a 10-year warranty. You have 90 days to try the mattress and if you don’t like it you can return it minus a $99 fee.

Learn more about the Roma from Sleep EZ

2 thoughts on “Roma Mattress Review by Sleep EZ”

  1. Thank you for this review. Do you know if the quilted foam top layer is memory foam?….or is it just foam. I’m assuming that both types of foam would be petroleum based foams. Do you have any feedback on a distinct odor or any off gassing of the foams in this particular mattress? Also, do you know if the cover zips off? Than you for your reply.

    1. If you go to the Sleep EZ website, they could likely answer all your questions on the chat window. That said, there will always be a small amount of off gassing with a petroleum based foam, but it shouldn’t be noticeable within a week or two, unless you are particularly sensitive and wish to avoid this type of foam. I don’t believe the cover zips off on this one, but you could check with them.

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