Ritz Carlton Pillow Review

Ritz Carlton Pillow Review 1

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Ritz Carlton Pillow






Neck Support




Off Gassing



  • Washable
  • Great support
  • Versatile for all sleep types


  • A little expensive

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Want to recapture that feeling of staying at the Ritz Carlton Hotel every night? Start off with purchasing the pillows they use in their rooms. Amazon has the pillows from all the major hotel chains available for purchase from their website at great prices. The Ritz Carlton pillow is actually the Pacific Coast Double Down Surround Pillow.

Unboxing and Overview of the Ritz Carlton Pillows

Your pillow will come shipped in a pillows.com box as seen below:



  • Design: Medium Support Down Comfort Pillow
  • Pillow-in-a-pillow design
  • Fabric: 230 Thread Count – 100% cotton
  • Barrier Weave ™ down proof fabric
  • Fill: 550 Fill Power
  • Fill Weight: 29 ounces
  • Hyperclean® Pacific Coast® Down and Feather
  • Care Instructions: Machine wash, dry, and fluff
  • Allergy Free warranty – this warranty is available from the manufacturer only
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty
  • Double needle sewn edge
  • Size: 20 inches x 28 inches
  • Price includes 1 Super Standard Size Pillow


My Ritz Carlton Pillow Findings

After sleeping on the Ritz Carlton pillow a few times I found it to be one of the more supportive hotel pillows. It’s very versatile for all sleeping types which is to be expected with a hotel pillow that needs to accommodate a variety of guests. I could see myself using this as my nightly pillow and that’s saying something after having reviewed many specialty pillows before this one. If anything, it will make an outstanding pillow for a guest bedroom or a spare pillow for a guest that crashes the night on your couch.

The last down pillow I reviewed was the Parachute down pillow with a 750 fill power. What I noticed about the Parachute pillow was that although it was also an excellent pillow and super light, it slept hotter than this one.

I reviewed the “super standard” pillow which is bigger than the standard which is 20 x 26 inches. The extra 2 inches really helps fill out a standard pillowcase.

It comes with a plastic case as seen below that you can store it in when not in use.


What I also like about this pillow is that it is washable. Not all pillows are washable and should be taken into consideration before making your purchase.

It’s also important to note that this is not a 100% down pillow but no pillow is 100% down. The outer chamber is the part that contains all the down and is what gives the pillow a soft feel while the inner chamber with the feathers is used as a support layer. Most pillows only have 1 chamber so you lose the benefit of a soft but firm feeling.


Lastly, it has a double-needle sewn edge which will keep the pillow from busting in a pillow fight.  The “Down Proof Weave” is also a great feature that keeps the down in the pillow and prevents it from leaking out.

Ritz Carlton Hotel Pillow

My Ritz Carlton Pillow Recommendation

The Pacific Coast Double Down Surround Pillow aka the Ritz Carlton Pillow is a very versatile pillow that should please most sleepers. It won’t sleep hot and provides great support without being too firm or overstuffed. If anything you should have one of these on hand for overnight guests.

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4 thoughts on “Ritz Carlton Pillow Review”

  1. Liz Console says:

    Hi there,
    I wanted to reach out to you about using Down Feathers in pillows.
    It has come to my attention that the process for accumulating all these feathers is so cruel and brutal to these water fowl. Can’t you find an alternative?
    This is so sad to observe adults sitting around live plucking these birds until their limp and nearly dead.
    You should really find another product.
    Many would most likely appreciate it also If they were aware.
    Thank you for considering it.

    1. Firmness




      Neck Support




      Off Gassing


      So soft. Not the pillow, this goose champion is crying about a down alternative. If they processed the goose meat afterwards would that be ok? Have you tried the pillow from motel 6? I’m sure that material is good for the environment. Come on man!!!!

    2. Thank you for that! I was going to look up how the feathers were collected and that is awful and cruel. Definitely will stick with down alternative.

  2. Sue Reyman says:





    Neck Support




    Off Gassing


    Where is the best place to get the best price on pillows that the Ritz Carlton uses?

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