The Raycop RS2 HEPA Allergen Vaccuum is an excellent furniture and mattress cleaner

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The Raycop RS2 mattress vacuum is one of the neatest mattress accessories I have come across in a long time. This little device is the number 1 selling allergen vaccum in Japan. It retails for about $349.99 on Amazon. In a nutshell it works by creating vibrations to loosen any debris and allergens on your upholstered surfaces such as mattress, couch, chairs and even drapes. Then a UV light kills bacteria and viruses. Finally the vacuum sweeps and sucks up the debris into the vaccuum and traps it in a HEPA filter.

Ordering and Unboxing the Raycop RS2

If you order the RS2 via Amazon you get free Prime shipping. It will arrive in a regular cardboard box but inside that box is one like this:

Raycop RS2

When you unbox it you get the vaccuum, 2 filters, a brush to help clean the filter, a microfiber cloth to keep it shiny and a stand for storage:

raycop packaging

Here’s a breakdown of everything you get in the box:


Here’s an overview of how the Vaccuum works according to their website:

RAYCOP uses a powerful UV lamp with a wavelength calibrated to effectively eliminate over 99% of bacteria from fabric surfaces throughout the home. UV light is electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths shorter than visible light. UV can be separated into various ranges, with short-wavelength UV (UVC) considered “germicidal UV.” The UV light in RAYCOP allergen vacuums is 253.7nm, which eliminates viruses and bacteria, and suppresses the movement of dust mites. UV light also alters the DNA of dust mite eggs and significantly reduces egg hatch rates.

A variety of bacteria and viruses are frequently brought back home from public places such as schools, gyms and offices. Two of the most common bacteria found living in our beds are E-Coli and Staphylococcus. Laboratory tests show that approximately 2 seconds of exposure to UV light can eliminate 99.9% of these bacteria. The H1N1 virus has also been found on mattresses and 99.9% can be eliminated after approximately 5 seconds of exposure to UV light.

Tests conducted on E-Coli, Staph and H1N1.


The combination of suction and vibration, along with UV light, in our patented RayClean Technology® is proven to eliminate 3 times more allergens than a regular vacuum. Even though you don’t realize they are there, dust mites can be found in every corner of our home, including bedding, sofas, chairs, and even curtains. Dust mites leave behind trails of allergenic waste as they move. This waste that they produce gets trapped in your fabrics and is difficult to remove with a regular vacuum. Every RAYCOP has pulsating pads to loosen and lift particles and suction calibrated to be powerful enough to effectively remove debris and allergens from fabric surfaces yet is gentle enough to safely use on delicate fabrics without tugging or trapping the fabric. These particles also pass through a dual filtration system: larger particles are trapped in the dust box filter and microscopic particles are trapped in the HEPA filter so they can’t be released back into the air.

Below is a video of me using the Raycop RS2 on a mattress we have had in the Sleep Sherpa mattress store in Minneapolis. Check out the amount of gunk I get after just one sweep.

I honestly didn’t expect this vaccuum to pick up so much stuff. It was a little shocking and I am super glad I received one. I am now going to start having staff clean our mattresses on a weekly basis using this vaccuum.

Here’s a picture of what I got out of the mattress. Keep in mind that this was a brand new filter and the other side of the filter was just as dirty.

raycop filter

The filters are similar to a regualr HEPA filter you find in a normal size vaccuum. You can rinse them out and air dry them and they are ready to reuse. You get 2 filters with your RS2 so you can always have one at the ready for cleaing while the other dries.

My Raycop RS2 Recommendation

I didn’t realize how dirty a mattress can actually get. I normally recommend a mattress protector to keep you mattress clean. However a mattress protector can affect the feel of a mattress, especially dense foam mattresses that are known for excellent contouring. So if you want to to go without a mattres protector to get the full feel of your mattress, I would strongly advise investing in this device to keep you mattress sanitary.

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