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I recently bought the Purple Pillow from onpurple.com. The Purple Pillow pairs perfectly with the purple mattress. It is the most breathable pillow I have tested to date. That’s because it is made with the same technology as the Purple Mattress and Purple Seat Cushions. It is also a heavy pillow weighing 9 lbs. Thankfully you won’t need to ever flip it to the cool side because it stays cool all night long.

Here’s another fun commercial from Purple demonstrating how their pillow works and why it is so unique.


Below is a video overview of the Purple Pillow and me taking it out of the packaging. I like how it came in a purple plastic bag that can be unzipped. This is basically a miniature version of their mattress packaging. You can order this direct from the Purple website. It is an extremely popular pillow and I think they are trying to keep up with demand.


I haven’t found any other pillow quite like this one. Here are the construction details and highlights as listed on the Purple website:

    The Purple® Pillow is made with Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ and arranged in a head-specific Smart Comfort Grid™ so it will never break down or lose its shape.
    Made with hundreds of little triangles that give the pillow lateral strength so it can relax under pressure without losing support. The reinforced edges give your neck extra support all night.
    Waking up hot and sweaty is the worst. Sleep neutral—not too hot, not too cold—with the Purple® Pillow because it allows air to flow freely through the pillow.
    Like a taller pillow? Use the air booster to add some extra height to your pillow. Inflate it once and you’ll never need to touch it again. You’ll just get perfect sleep every night.


Here’s a picture of the inside of the Purple pillow.

Inside of Purple Pillow

Here’s the tag that is on the pillow listing the chemicals used for construction. The cover that the tag refers to is the pillow case. The pillow itself is 98% Gel which is the hyper elastic grid while the remaining 2% is polyester.

purple pillow chemicals

You also get the Purple Booster  which is basically a blow up cushion that you can put under the pillow and inside the pillow case. I didn’t need this as I prefer a thinner pillow. I don’t think using the booster would be all that comfortable either since it has a tendency to move apart from the pillow itself.

This is what the pillow booster looks like inflated:

purple pillow booster

The Purple pillow case is very stretchy which lets you get the full effect of the purple grid. I washed mine as normal in my washing machine and didn’t notice any shrinkage. Below are the washing instructions for the Purple pillowcase. I washed mine in warm water and didn’t have a problem.

purple washing instructions

Here’s the tag from the Purple pillow case that explains a little more about it:


This pillowcase is a little different than most in that it has a zipper to fully enclose the pillow. The reason it needs to fully encase the pillow is that if you were to use the booster, it will keep them together and prevent them from falling out. You don’t need to use another pillow case on top of this, that will take away from some of the pressure relief.

purple pillow zipper


The Purple Pillow has a very unique feel. I can see why they decided to make a pillow based on the success of the mattress. My first night sleeping on it was interesting. I appreciated the ability of this pillow to remain temperature neutral. Heat did not build up since air flowed freely through the grid. Pressure relief was definitely there as well. However I did wake up a couple times during the night because my ear felt a little sore. I’m not sure how to remedy this but it may be something I’ll get used to. For people that sleep hot, I highly recommend trying it and if you’re a fan of the Purple mattress, this completes the experience.

The pillow comes with a 1 year warranty but I do not see anything about a free trial period.

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Purple Pillow

Purple Pillow



9 thoughts on “Purple Pillow Review: Dream in Purple”

  1. Has it gotten any better? I’m set to receive mine soon and I’ve heard very mixed reviews about this pillow. I don’t own the purple mattress either. But in your experience has the pillow broken in the more you use it?

  2. You mentioned that your ear hurt while sleeping on it. Did that continue to be a problem? I currently sleep on the Nest Easy Breather Natural pillow (the latex fill one) and like it, but it tends to feel hard by the morning and can make my ear hurt sometimes. I’m really interested in the Purple pillow, but not if I am going to have similar problems. How do the 2 pillows compare?

  3. Softness


    I’ve had my pillow since before Christmas, and I have to say that I’m pretty disappointed in it. They made a lot of promises and really hyped up what this thing would do, but, to me, it’s a classic example of over-promising and under-delivering. I had expected it to be soft and cushiony and for my head to sort of sink in a bit and be cradled. However, my head just lays flat on top of it. The pillow might as well be a thick, rubber pad. Maybe if I laid the pillow flat on the bed and slept on my back, it might be OK, not comfortable, but OK, but I don’t sleep like that. If I try to prop the pillow up at an angle, it wants to slide down due to its heavy weight. Plus, the cover is a lot bigger than the pillow, so the cover bunches up. I can’t comment on the pillow case because I still haven’t received mine, and they haven’t responded to my inquiries. There is an inflatable bit, but I find that it makes the pillow even less comfortable. Because the pillow was so expensive, I’ve been trying to find some way to make it at least usable for me, but the only thing I can really do is have it beneath other pillows to add some support. I know that others have claimed that it has worked great for them, though I kind of wonder how much of that is true and how much of that is wanting to justify what they spent on it. I really, really wanted to like this pillow because I’ve been searching for a really good pillow, and I probably wouldn’t even care about the pillow case if the pillow was making me happy. After all, I backed the Kickstarter for the pillow not the pillow case, but I’ve found that not only is it not the most comfortable pillow out there, but it’s actively uncomfortable. I get more out of a pillow that I purchased from Kmart for $4.

  4. I have the ear pain as well with this pillow when I sleep on my side. I plan to go back to my old pillow to see the difference.

  5. Durability








    Too heavy for a pillow, too thin and too stiff. I’ve had it for a couple weeks and I prefer this memory foam pillow my father purchased for me at Costco over this. It’s been giving me neck pain instead of comfort and it’s a huge disappointment. Waste of money, I’m on it now as I write this and the back of my head is throbbing. Only thing I agree with is that it stays cool, but who cares about pillow temperature if I can’t sleep and wake up in pain??? Don’t do it to yourself.

  6. Softness










    I also have ear pain when I sleep on my side. However I really like that my head doesn’t sink into the pillow and it offers stability. I stick with it even tho my ear hurts. I try to sleep on my back. I love the fact that I don’t have to worry about dust mites.
    We bought 3. Only two are currently being used. My partner hated it after a month of trying it out.
    We also have the Purple mattresses. The same family members who like the mattress – like the pillows.

  7. Softness










    The booster is the only thing I don’t like about this pillow. Get a piece or two of memory or latex foam and it’s much better. The booster gets uneven if you don’t have it inflated fully and it seems to leak air so you have to re-inflate is every so often.

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