Purple Pet Bed Review

Purple Pet Bed Review

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Purple just launched a new pet bed and if it’s anything like the Purple mattress, which it is, it will certainly be disrupting the pet bed industry. This bed is made with the same polymer grid system that made the Purple mattress famous. Dogs and cats are really in for a treat.

How Much Does the Purple Pet Bed Cost?

Small Purple® Pet Bed

19″ x 26″ Purple® Pet Bed
Rec. Pet Weight: 1-30 lbs

Est. future MSRP: $149

Medium Purple® Pet Bed

29″ x 38″ Purple® Pet Bed
Rec. Pet Weight: 31-70 lbs

Est. future MSRP: $189

Large Purple® Pet Bed

38″ x 50″ Purple® Pet Bed + Complimentary Puppy SWAG Bag
Rec. Pet Weight: 71+ lbs

Est. future MSRP: $293

How is the Purple Pet Bed Made?

The specific construction details aren’t out yet but the design is in keeping with the Purple mattress. What makes this so unique is the comfort grid system which collapses where it gets the most pressure and supports where there is less pressure creating great contouring.

According to their Kickstarter campaign, this pet bed has a washable cover, is odor resistant,  moisture resistant, anti-microbial and hypoallergenic.

Purple mattress construction

Is the Purple Pet Bed Good for Dogs and Cats?

Yes, I think it’s safe to say any animal with Paws will be able to appreciate this bed as much as humans love their Purple mattress.

Purple Pet Bed Cats

The Purple Pet Bed is a great addition to the purple offering. It really rounds out their line of products and puts Purple in a category by itself. By that I mean they have been able to find many uses for their innovative comfort grid. I wouldn’t be surprised to see more expansion in the near future. Purple furniture anyone?

My Purple Dog  Bed Findings

Although this is officially listed as a pet bed, I think the majority of people will use this as a dog bed. My 5-month-old mini Australian Shepherd really took to this bed.

Purple Pet Bed

The bed is made so that you can remove the cover and it is machine washable. I washed this cover and dried it in the dryer on low heat and there was no shrinkage and it was super easy to put back on.

Purple Zippered Cover

Underneath the cover is a waterproof membrane that feels very familiar to the Purple mattress protector. It’s stretchy and so will work with the polymer grid.

Here’s a look at the inside of the bed. It has the same polymer grid that the Purple Mattress uses, just less thick.

Here’s a picture of the inside of the bed.

Inside Purple Pet Bed

My Purple Pet Bed Recommendation

Overall this isn’t a cheap pet bed. I bought the medium size which currently retails for $189. I expect this bed to last a while and my pet has no complaints. I recommend this to pets that tend to get hot because it works the same way as their popular mattresses and I found their mattresses to sleep very cool and I highly recommend them to hot sleepers. I also like the fact that the cover is easy to remove and wash. This is a low maintenance good looking pet bed that should last year.

Learn More about the Purple Pet Bed


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  1. Claudia T says:

    We got a Purple pet bed for our 160 lb mastiff and he fits on it great. It shows fur but its easy to wipe the fur off (I put on a nitrile glove or a rubber dishwashing glove and just sweep my hand over it). So far he seems to love it, though he’ll occasionally sleep on the old fluffy polyfill bed we got from Costco (he doesn’t really fit, we got it for our 80 lb dog)

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