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Puffy Mattress Reivew – Sleeping on a Cloud?

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The Puffy Mattress has exploded on to the mattress scene. It is quickly becoming a very popular online brand. I recently received a queen size Puffy mattress for review. This mattress has a simple 2 layer construction with a denser foam for the top layer. I found it to be on the softer end of the spectrum. Below are my findings and recommendations.

Unboxing and Overview of Puffy

The Puffy is one of many new online mattress companies that ship their product in a box. A queen size currently retails for $950 which puts it a little higher on the end of the price spectrum in comparison to similar mattresses. It comes with a 101 night sleep trial where if you don’t like it you can return it for a full refund.

Here’s a picture of the box that my queen size Puffy came in.

Puffy box

Once you get it out of the box you will find that it is wrapped in plastic. This protects it from all the elements it may get exposed to in delivery. Unboxing is easy. From here, just cut the plastic carefully and the mattress will slowly expand into shape.

puffy mattress wrapped

Here’s what the mattress looks like a few hours after  opening. You can see the signature puffly clouds stitched into the mattress ticking.

Puffy mattress bed

Puffy has a nice border around the front of the mattress with their logo…

Puffy Logo

Below is a video overview of the mattress along with what you can expect in terms of feel and bounce. This is a two layer mattress with the top part being a more dense foam followed by your standard base foam. It has a washable zippered cover. I have washed many covers like this and they are easy to unzip and wash. Just make sure you don’t use too much heat when drying. You don’t want to shrink the fabric as that will make it harder to get back on the mattress. I don’t recommend washing these covers and usually prefer people use a mattress protector instead.

Construction of the Puffy Mattress

Below are the construction details of the mattress. I also took a picture for reference. From what I can tell, there are two pieces of foam that make up the base layer and I believe they are the same densities.

Puffy mattress construction


Our Top layer is a gel infused visco polyurethane foam (non-latex) manufactured with our Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF). It is 3” of 2.5 PCF CertiPUR-US Certified foam


Base layer is a polyurethane foam (non-latex) manufactured with our VPF. It is 7” of 1.5 PCF CertiPUR-US Certified foam.
PCF = Pounds per Cubic Foot – a measurement of density.

My Puffy Findings

Overall I found this to be a softer mattress. Despite only having two layers, it transitions well so that you don’t feel yourself hitting the base layer when you lie down.

Here’s a video of me squishing the mattress so you can see how each layer reacts. As you can see the top layer responds much more slowly.

Here’s another video illustrating motion transfer. There is very little bounce with this mattress and I believe this was by design. This mattress would be a good choice for couples looking to eliminate motion transfer.

Here’s a picture of how much by bowling ball sinks into the mattress. The Puffy will cradle you fairly well and will give good pressure relief.

The video below was taken with my thermal camera to illustrate heat retention on the mattress. I thought this mattress hanled heat fairly well given it’s construction.


My Puffy  MattressRecommendation

Overall the Puffy is a conforming, soft mattress that should please people that like a softer feel with conforming foam. At $950 for a queen size though it is a bit pricey. The Puffy has a relatively simple construction. Usually mattresses at this price point have at least 3 layers. Despite that though it still transitions well.

I think heavier sleepers may want to go with a thicker mattress to ensure proper support and prevent bottoming out on the mattress. I didn’t have that issue and I am 190 lbs. but I think beyond that it may be a concern.

Learn more about the Puffy Mattress.

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