Want to know how it feels like sleeping on a cloud? Sleep Sherpa is giving away amazing memory foam Puffy Mattress absolutely free to its readers. Puffy has two foam layers. The upper layer consists of a dense foam while the lower layer is standard foam. The mattress also comes with washable zipper cover.

So are you ready to win this mattress?

Enter below to win Puffy Mattress of your required size. Don’t forget to read the in-depth Puffy Mattress Review  or watch the unboxing  and review video.

Puffy Mattress Giveaway

64 thoughts on “Puffy Mattress Giveaway”

  1. I watched the video and commented on you tube. It will not accept it on the giveaway. Saundra McKenzie

  2. I have fibromyalgia and a herniated disc. I need this mattress! The mattress that i have now – if I sleep in one position for too long I can barely move in the morning.

  3. I have a bad back and insomnia.. My husband has a messed up neck. This bed may help us. Nothing else has.

  4. I think this is the right mattress for me, my old bones just can not get comfortable, on my present mattress, I toss and turn all night long trying to get comfortable . It is always the same thing after I am in one position for a few minutes, I have to move something is hurting, and this goes on all night long, With your double foam Puffy Mattress, I really think it would help me get some sleep.

  5. Would love to win mainly for my husband, we’ve moves so much being in military and never had a new mattress only used ones. But we are now settled after 6yrs. Thanks for the chance.

  6. I have not heard of this company but certainly would love to try this mattress. I have chronic pain and can only sleep a couple of hours at a time. I need help

  7. I might an Old Granny but my I sure need Beauty Sleep.
    This would so wonderful to rest and sleep on.
    Good luck everyone 🤗

  8. I have read the reviews on this mattress, I have severe back issues, I think this would be perfect thank you for the chance

  9. I’m ready to feel like I’m sleeping on a cloud! Who wouldn’t! I want to wake up in the mornings feels rejuvenated and refreshed again! I would love to win this perfect mattress! Thanks for the opportunity!

  10. I love that it has the two layers! I need the cooling layer for my husband! He is always hot! I need the firm support! I have fibromyalgia and need a firm mattress but not too firm! I love that it has provides pressure relief and cooling! I need the pressure relief! This sounds like great mattress!

  11. Love the cooling layer here in Florida it gets warm. Love that it is firm but not overly firm so my old body has support.

  12. That was a great review. Unfortunately living on a fixed income I would not be able to afford this mattress due to the cost. It sounds like a nice mattress and I would love to win it but wouldn’t be able to get one due to cost.

  13. I can imagine what it’s like to sleep on a cloud, but I’d rather do it for real. Well, almost. Looks like an amazing product.

  14. I have a twin sized mattress my daughter and i sleep on which is also dirty because the plastic came off this would be good seems comfy

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