Polysleep Mattress Giveaway

Missed out on buying a good mattress during this Memorial Day sale? Sleep Sherpa gives its readers a chance to win this amazing mattress from Polysleep. The mattress is made with a ventilated foam top that is responsive and more breathable than traditional foam. Polysleep also comes with a liquid repellant cover that reduces the need for a mattress protector as spills will bead up on the mattress giving you time to clean up before liquids penetrate the mattress. So if you want to win this mattress, simply enter the giveaway contest with as many entries as possible.

Enter below to win Polysleep Mattress of your required size. Don’t forget to read the in-depth Polysleep Mattress Review

Polysleep Mattress Giveaway

93 thoughts on “Polysleep Mattress Giveaway”

  1. If you just posted this….. how can there be over 475 entries already? 🙁 Can’t compete
    I knew this concept would be awesome and wondered why someone wasn’t doing it so for 2 yrs I’ve told sooo many people about your store. I’m on GA so one day perhaps. Good luck with your business. I’ve watched many videos !

  2. I really like the liquid resistant cover and breathable top layer with mesh sides to draw heat from the mattress.

  3. I have chronic pain in my neck and back. I have tried several different mattresses and still feel pain in to shoulders and hips. I would love to try this mattress because it sounds like it is made for me

  4. thanks for the review on this awesome mattress! Love the concept and would love to feel the comfort every night as I get a good nights rest!

  5. Also im 42 diabetic..wrk. 7days wk construction.buiding homes.short day today(rain) im making a toybox for grandson..couch me n my lady of 14 yrs have slept 10 yrs on couch. Why i enter WV my checks stink..bills. Good grandson we take care of so pulkups etc..broke.we both can not get up in mornings our lower back .and we r fit. Yeah bed we need

  6. My aching body would love to sleep on the Best Mattress in the World.
    Thank you for the chance that I could one day.

  7. This mattress sounds perfect for my back and neck issues. Cooling would be added bonus. Thank you for a chance to win with this giveaway !

  8. Thanks for taking the time to review the Polysleep Mattress. Also thanks for hosting a comfy giveaway!

  9. This mattress sounds heavenly to me…I am actually in the market at the moment for a new mattress and so far this brand is in my Top 3!

  10. My mattress is awful. My back hurts in the morning. The Sleepsherpa mattress would really help me sleep better and feel better.

  11. I find the breathability intriguing….would LOVE the chance to try it out for myself! Thanks for the opportunity!

  12. This mattress would be perfect for me being im a side sleeper and my body feels aches and pain on my mattress would love to try it or win it

  13. I would love to have this for my daughter who has such a neck and back problem and ends up sleeping all over the house trying to get some relief. This looks perfect for her. Thanks for the chance!

  14. Breathable and the liquid repellant. I admit I was hesitant with a “foam” mattress. If it can breathe I feel more confident about it.

  15. College student that seriously needs to stop sleeping on the mattress I have had since I was 4. It’s been over loved by a burrowing dog. This sounds oh so comfy.

  16. My husband has a horrible time falling asleep at night. It is a mixture of anxiety and that our matress is so old. We bought it used from a hotel remodel 10 years ago. Thos mattress really sounds like it would be perfect. Honestly can not afford to buy a new mattress (thats why we have used) so this is the only way I could possibly help him.

  17. I like that it comes with a liquid repellant cover that reduces the need for a mattress protector . Great idea.

  18. Maybe with a bigger mattress from here my husband and I could go back to sleeping together and avoid the thrashing around

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