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The Pillowtex adjustable memory foam pillow is one of the first shredded foam pillows that allows you to customize the amount of filling to get just the right fit. This pillow can be found on Amazon and is currently on sale for $34.99 which is a great value!


You can order this pillow via Amazon which makes it convenient. It qualifies for Amazon Prime so you get the free 2 day shipping if you’re a Prime Member.  The  pillow comes with a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee – Buy this pillow stress free with a 30 night sleep better guarantee! If you do not love it, return it within thirty days for a 100% no questions asked refund.


  • 280 GSM 60/40 Polyester/Bamboo Blend Fabric
  • The Pillowtex Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow with Removable Bamboo Cover is generously overstuffed with high quality chopped memory foam. Open the child-proof locking zipper with a paper clip (as shown in the image) to customize the support of this pillow. The soft washable bamboo cover (60% polyester, 40% bamboo) transfers heat to keep you cool thoughout the night.
  • Fill Content – 49 oz. of Chopped Memory Foam
  • Warranty – Guaranteed with a manufacturer five year warranty against defects!
  • Support – Filled generously with chopped memory foam, this pillow offers adjustable support that makes it ideal for everyone! This pillow is not vacuum sealed so it recovers much faster that others on the market today!


There are many things to like about this pillow. First off, I prefer a shredded foam pillow over a standard foam pillow. Shredded foam contours better and you can scrunch it up to hug the contour of your neck. Shredded foam also breathes better, especially when it is loosely packed.

In my opinion this pillow is overstuffed. I took out about a quarter of the fill to get it to a height that worked for me. I will probably end up taking out even more. I think the fill is simply remainder foam that is left over when making foam mattresses. Rather than going to waste, the foam can be used in pillows, bean bag chairs, etc.

Here’s a closeup of the fill that’s inside the pillow:

shredded foam fill

This pillow has a double zipper system so that is more difficult for children to access the foam inside. The pillow also comes with a bamboo cover which makes it soft and breathable.

pillowtex cover

To give you an idea of how the foam reacts, I took some out and squished it. Check out the video below:


With a 30 day money back guarantee and the backing of Amazon, this pillow is a tremendous value. If you tried the My Pillow but would like something with more customization, I would give this one a try. The foam is denser than the My Pillow so it won’t be as light or recover as quickly but you get good pressure relief. The pillow itself is not washable either but you can machine wash the outer bamboo cover.

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