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The Pillow Cube is the latest pillow to take social media by storm. The premise is that it is designed solely for side sleepers that need adequate support without the bulk of a regular pillow. I admit I thought it was a great idea but in reality, it does have some drawbacks. Namely the price. For this review, I purchased the Pillow Cube Pro for $119.99. If that’s too much, you can always go with the Pillow Cube classic for $69.99. My favorite pillow c ube by far is the Pillow Cube Ice Cube Pillow. It sleeps extremely cool and feels amazing.  The Pillow Cube has grown on me and I’m finding that people are really taking to it. Below are my findings from ordering to sleeping on it.

Overview of the Pillow Cube

We sell the Pillow Cube at the Sleep Sherpa store in San Diego. You can also order it online through the Pillow Cube website


You may have come to this site because you are curious if the Pillow Cube actually works as advertised based on their viral video below. I have no idea who the woman in the Pillow Cube commercial is but she makes a compelling case.

Ordering the Pillow Cube

If you have been of Facebook or Instagram lately, you have probably seen ads for the Pillow Cube. Their website has a funky 90s retro vibe to it. When I ordered mine, it arrived in less than a week but depending on demand it may take longer. Thankfully they will let you know if they are expecting delays before you place your order.

Here’s a picture of the Cube Pillow Pro in the box before I opened it. It is folded in half to fit in the box. The packaging is great and it ships quickly. 

cube pillow box

Here it is out of the box and unfolded and you can see that it has a rectangular shape in comparison to the original which is cube-shaped.

cube pillow packaging

This pillow has a zippered cover has is presumably washable. It does not come with a pillowcase which is a shame because it is an odd-shaped pillow. You can put it in a regular pillowcase but it will look funny. You can buy a pillowcase for an extra $20 which will just add to the overall price. I decided to just use a regular pillowcase. No matter what, it’s going to look a little odd on your bed.

cube pillow zipper

Here’s a picture of the inside of the pillow. It is a solid piece of foam. There really isn’t much information on the construction of this pillow such as the type and density of foam used but it is a squishy foam so make sure you get the right height of pillow for your frame. I went with the 6 inch which is the thickest size they make.

cube pillow inside

How Much Does the Pillow Cube Cost?

You can choose between the Pro which is $119.99 or the Original Cube Pillow which is $69.99. Pillow Cube offers a refund within 60 days of purchase but will charge you a $20 return shipping fee so it’s not a free trial. You also have the option to upgrade to the Ice Cube Pillow which has a cooling cover. There are many pillows out there that claim to have a cooling cover but the Ice Cube Pillow beats them all. It stays cool much longer and just looks fantastic. I also recommend purchasing their custom-fit pillowcases that are square-shaped so that they look neat on your bed and keep your pillow clean. Don’t worry, the cooling technology will still work through the pillowcase. 

How Does the Pillow Cube Work?

Most pillows are rectangular with a knife-edge or gusset edge. The Cube Pillow is all 90-degree angles. The reasoning behind this design is that you can bring your shoulder right up to the thick edge of the pillow for optimal neck support. Anyone with neck pains can attest to the benefits of a supportive pillow. With the cube pillow, you get the best support for your head and neck to take the pressure off your shoulders. There are other side sleeper pillows on the market with a similar concept but instead of a cube shape, they cut a crescent into the pillow to tuck your shoulder into.

My Pillow Cube Findings

The Cube Pillow is certainly not for everyone. In fact it is designed specifically for side sleepers.If you try and sleep on your stomach it will be way too thick and you will have the same issue while trying to sleep on your back. I think this is a novel idea for a pillow and it really solves a common issue for side sleepers where the pillow is usually too thin and doesn’t provide adequate support for your head. With this pillow, you no longer have to scrunch up your pillow and constantly adjust it at night to get the proper loft. Although at this price it does seem a bit expensive but honestly, it’s a small price to pay to alleviate neck pain every morning. 

We now carry the Pillow Cube and the Ice Cube Cooling Pillow at our Sleep Sherpa showroom. Or you can purchase it through the following link with free shipping. 

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