Pillow Cube Mattress Review: The Solution for Sore Side Sleepers

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Pillow Cube Mattress

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If you are a side sleeper and constantly flip from one side to the other during the night, pay attention. Pillow Cube, known for their odd shaped but surprisingly effective side sleeping pillow, now has a mattress designed exclusively for side sleepers, the Pillow Cube Mattress. This mattress takes all the innovative parts of the cube pillow and incorporates them into a mattress that supports your hips but sinks in at your shoulders. Below are my findings.

Ordering Your Cube Pillow Mattress

Chances are you are searching for this mattress because you enjoy the cube pillow. If you aren’t familiar with the Cube PIllow, then I strongly suggest trying one out along with the mattress to see what the heck you have been missing out on. Pillow cube mattress beneifits It’s not uncommon to find a zoned coil system these days but the the pillow cube has created a mattress that will give you that extra sink in your shoulder so you aren’t constantly flipping around all night trying to get comfortable again. Cube Pillow Mattress Construction Imagine sleeping on a mattress as comfortable as the Cube Pillow. Well, wait no more! Most mattress brands try to appeal to all types of sleepers, Pillow Cube is lazer focused on side sleepers, which is btw, the healthiest sleep position. I really like that the there is a perimeter support around the side so you don’t feel like you will slide off. A cube true to its name.

My Pillow Cube Mattress Recommendation

Need more convincing? My biggest complaint about the hundreds of mattresses I have reviewed over the years is that they don’t adequately address shoulder issues. Despite my best efforts, I still can’t stay a dedicated side sleeper and often roll onto my stomach because my should hurts after about 2-3 hours. The Pillow Cube Mattress solves this but you need to use both the Pillow Cube and the Mattress to get the full effect. pillow cube mattress zones

Pillow Cube Mattress FAQs

Does the Pillow Cube mattress work with an adjustable base? Absolutely! In fact, I recommend using one so that you can enjoy the mattress while reading, watching TV and sleeping. Does the Pillow Cube Mattress Sleep Hot? Of course not. If you are at all familiar with the Ice Cube Pillow, you will know that this is one of the coolest sleeping mattresses available. What if I don’t like it? I highly doubt that. But, if you are somehow unimpressed with this mattresss miracle, you can return it for a refund within 60 days. Yes, that’s less than most online mattress companies but to be honest, you will know within a week whether or not this is your mattress 4 life. How Much Does the Pillow Cube Mattress Cost? The mattress is available in 3 sizes: Twin XL: $1,599 Queen: $2,499 King: $2,999 Yes, this mattress is a bit more expensive than the competition but if you aren’t impressed with the Pillow Cube by now, well, I can’t help you. Get Exclusive Discounts and Pricing on the Pillow Cube
Corner of Pillow Cube Mattress
Softness of the Pillow Cube Mattress