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If you are looking for a unique gift for your special someone, take a look at Perpetual Shade.


Perpetual Shade is a boutique sleep mask company that makes one of a kind, handcrafted sleep masks, using the finest silk. You can find these sleep masks in a handful of specialty shops in the New York area, Los Angeles and Dallas. Otherwise, they are available through their website. The sleep masks ship in 1 business day.


lace sleep mask


I was sick all day yesterday with some sort of bug that left me fatigued and in bed most of the time. This was the perfect opportunity to test out the Perpetual Shade. In order to get the quality sleep you need to have proper “sleep hygiene” . This means ensuring that either your sleep room is dark or that you cover your eyes properly to block out ambient light.

The Perpetual shade did a perfect job of blocking out light and cradling my eyes without too much pressure. Perpetual Shades are big enough to allow for more than adequate coverage and also provide extra stability so it doesn’t move around as you sleep.

The Perpetual Shade is by far the softest sleep mask that I have used. The masks are lined with 100% charmeuse silk and filled with lambswool to create a soft and light texture.


Aside from its high-quality construction and materials. The Perpetual Shade is a piece of art. They are all handcrafted in New York City. They are definitely a conversation piece both in and out of the bedroom. The website has many different styles to choose from. From traditional black to lace or fun patterns.

sleep mask

My initial reaction to the Perpetual Shade is that it has a sort of 50 Shades of Gray vibe to it.  They make a great Valentine’s, Anniversary or birthday gift. It is certainly something that would spice things up in the bedroom.


According to the website, if you aren’t completely satisfied with the Perpetual Shade, you have 14 days from your purchase to return it for a full refund, minus shipping & handling. Having this generous return policy in place makes it that much more enticing to buy as a gift.

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