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The Perfectly Snug mattress topper is a unique way to control the climate of your bed. The most common cooling feature among mattresses now is cool to the touch, phase change technology. This is a chemical coating that is applied to the mattress that will initially draw heat away for about 20-30 minutes when you lie down on the mattress to cool you off. The drawback to this is that after that initial cooling phase, the mattress will start to retain heat, especially if its a memory foam mattress. In this review, I take a look at what makes the Perfectly Snug topper an interesting choice and may be the solution you need to stay at an optimal temperature all night from head to toe.

Ordering the Perfectly Snug Mattress Topper

This topper is available exclusively through the Perfectly Snug website. Shipping took about a couple of weeks and I was given a king-size topper for review. The box it came in wasn’t terribly big but you may need a couple people to bring it into your bedroom and get it on your mattress.

Right out of the box, the topper is ready to use. to get started just position it on your bed with the plug adapters facing the top of the bed.

power cords

There are two sets of plugs that provide power to each side of the topper. Once these are plugged in, you can begin using the topper right away by powering it on at the switch on either side.

perfectly snug power switch

It’s very easy to access these controls at night and the interface is simple so that you can adjust it at night without having to turn on a light. There is a small speaker that will also tell you what setting it is on so you don’t have to look at anything. You can also download the app for the topper which can then control it and dynamically adjust the temperature throughout the night. The app at the time of this review was still a little rough around the edges but like with most apps, it should continue to improve over time.

perfectly snug app

Construction of the Perfectly Snug Topper

There are multiple components to this topper to make it work the way it does. Underneath the cover you will find a memory foam layer as the base. This provides a decent amount of pressure relief if your mattress is already too firm.

topper layers

The layer above that is a mesh material that is used so that air can circulate through the top. This actually makes the topper a firmer towards the top and will give your mattress a medium-firm feel where you won’t sink in all that much.

perfectly snug mesh

The last major component are the fans at the bottom corners of the topper. These fans aren’t noticeable at low settings but as you progress towards the coldest settings you will hear the fan noise which can double as a pleasant white noise to help you sleep. These fans don’t take up much space on the topper and I didn’t feel them at all when I slept.

perfectly snug fan

Lastly, you can remove the cover of the topper if needed by accessing the buttons on the bottom. I wouldn’t recommend it but I believe it is available if it gets dirty.

perfectly snug topper

How Much Does the Perfectly Snug Topper Cost?

Below are the retail prices of the topper as of this writing. Keep in mind that the twin and full sizes only have 1 zone while the larger sizes have 2 zones. It comes with a 30 night trial and a 1 year warranty.

SizeRetail Price
Twin XL$889
California King$1,649
Split King$1,699

My Perfectly Snug Mattress Topper Findings

At first, I was a little skeptical about this topper, especially given the price. I have reviewed the Eight Sleep Pod system and the Chilipad which are used to cool your mattress with water and they work well but they do require some maintenance where you have to change out the water periodically and clean the tubing. Something similar to this is the Bedjet which blows air underneath your sheets from the foot of the bed but it doesn’t make the bed all that cozy. With this topper, you get a low-maintenance solution that is easy to use and still feels cozy.

As you can see from the picture below, I don’t sink into this topper all that much. The topper is on a memory foam mattress that is a medium firm.

laying 1

Here’s another picture of me on my side.

perfectly snug topper side sleeping

This topper was designed to have air gently flow throughout the top and so having a mesh top is essential. But that also means that it’s not really compatible with a mattress protector because a mattress protector that is waterproof is not breathable either. So, to get the maximum benefit, it’s best to put your sheets directly on the topper.

topper cover

I slept on this topper for a week with my wife and we both really enjoyed calibrating the settings to get the optimal temperature at night. We used it in August when temperatures in the evening were still around 75 degrees. Rather than turning up the air conditioner to cool the whole house, we were able to turn it down a bit and turn up the fan on the mattress topper. I found myself turning down the setting on the topper during the early morning hours because it was a little too cool. But once you know what your preference will be, you can program that into their app.

An additional benefit to this topper is that it also can heat up your mattress or even just heat up the foot of the bed which is where you will need it most. This makes the topper a great solution year round.

My Perfectly Snug Topper Recommendation

There are all kinds of products out there right now that claim to keep you cool while you sleep but the Perfectly Snug Topper does it in the simplest way by circulating fresh air under your sheets. With this topper you no longer have to wake up sweaty and I found myself switching positions a lot less frequently at night. While it is a big investment, it is a solution that will keep you at an optimal temperature in a way no other technology on the market can.

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