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I received a set of 1500-thread count microfiber bed sheets from Peach Skin Sheets to review. It came in a white box with Peach Skin tape and logos. I expected the frills to stay contained within the packaging, but when I opened the box, I was overcome with peaches! The inside of the packaging itself was covered from tip to tail, corner to corner with little peaches. I loved it so much, I just had to keep the box, and you can bet that I’m going to use it to send my friend’s next birthday present.

But obviously the fun didn’t stop there, because the sheets came wrapped in orange tissue paper with a personalized card! With a puppy! There’s even a puppy on the instruction card, too!

Tightly tucked away in the tissue paper was a zippered pouch with a little peach keychain. I love how they really took to their brand and ran with it to the extreme—I was almost expecting the sheets themselves to be peach-colored!

Peach Skin Sheets Construction

I’ve never slept on anything with a thread count over 700, and even that was pushing it because before that I had never ventured beyond 400. What I learned from Homestead—that higher thread count doesn’t necessarily mean higher quality—is all said and good, but the 100% microfiber polyester Peach Skin sheets clock in at 1500-thread count and they are out of this world. Coming in at $80 new, these are much much less expensive than organic cotton sheets, but you can really feel the difference between the two fabrics.

They were super soft initially, but after the first wash they felt even softer; not to mention they also lost their strange plasticy smell—probably from the zipper pouch. I did some snooping around the sheets and I came across a few interesting quirks. First off, the seams do not look as clean and sleek as on other sheets; they are strongly contrasting and very visible. 

Second, the elastic band on the fitted sheet feels like it’s not attached to the sheet itself, but rather is just sewn into a narrow sleeve. These are just observations, but there are a couple disappointing quirks, too.

The fitted sheet fits my queen-size mattress perfectly, but the flat sheet seems a bit… narrow. It fits the length of my bed exactly—with enough overhang to tuck in—but the sides barely make it. After one night’s sleep, the flat sheet was untucked, whereas others I’ve tried have stayed tucked for days—I’m not a very aggressive sleeper.

The other disappointing aspect is not a real concern for me, but it’s worth mentioning that on the zipper pouch it states that the pockets are 18 inches deep, when in reality they are 13 inches and 13.5 inches when you include the elastic band. Luckily, I do not have an extra tall mattress, but the air mattress that I use when my sisters visit is a tall mattress, and I thought that these might be the perfect sheets to fit. Unfortunately, they have even smaller pockets than the Homestead sheets do.

My Peach Skin Sheets Findings

Sliding between Peach Skin sheets is an experience that everyone should have at some point in their lives—it’s a dream. It’s strange though, the first thing that came to my mind when I was sandwiched in between them was that they feel almost like hotel bed sheets. I love sleeping in hotel beds so this is not a negative critique, but there is something about the feeling of newness and adventure that comes with a night’s sleep in a hotel. When you’re in a hotel, you’re usually going somewhere, and when you sleep on these sheets, you go somewhere every time your head hits the pillow.

My Peach Skin Recommendation

As great as the sheets feel, there was one real downside for me: they are very hot. I was surprised because the reviews online say that Peach Skin’s high thread count microfiber sheets are super breathable, cooling, and moisture-wicking but in my house my room temperature is in the mid to low 60s and I needed a fan to keep cool. I was just as warm with only the Peach Skin Sheets as I am with other sheets… plus a blanket… and a comforter. I doubted myself for the whole week, trying all sorts of different arrangements, but every time I found myself waking up because I was too hot. As I’ve mentioned in the past, my body tends to run pretty warm, so I was really looking forward to cool, breezy, breathable sheets, but unfortunately these did not work for me. 

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18 thoughts on “Peach Skin Sheets Review”

  1. Nancy Clutter says:

    The sheets are very comfortable however, the bottom sheet does fit snuggly on our mattress. Also, the hem on both pillowcases came undone after only two or three washings. Very disappointed BUT they really are comfy.

  2. Marcia Gyles says:

    I love the feel of the sheets to but I was also hot. I started looking into it and apparently I’m not the only one. I love them other than they’re too hot

  3. I have had several sets of sheets from Peach Skin, just wondering why the prices have shot up so much?

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I rec mine today took them out of the box I wasn’t impressed when I unfolded the sheet they were very wrinkled alot of lines.then I washed them warm water by there self dryer them for there 20 mins pulled them out very wrinkled there on the bed now but wrinkled that I do not like a far as the feel there soft but don’t like the wrikles… I prolly won’t purchase again

  5. I like the feel of the sheets but hate the way they fit on my king size bed. Will not purchase another set!

  6. J Mumbleau says:

    I have a set of peach skin sheets. They are very hot and wake up sweating. The top sheet does not hang over the sides very far. Can’t tuck them in at all on the side. I have had a pilling problem even though they guarantee no pilling. Talked to the company and they blame me for not taking care the right way. I did everything the directions said. I do not like the feel of pilled sheets and want a tight fitting bottom sheet which these are not.

  7. Denise N King says:

    I was justified in my tossing and turning all night after reading these reviews. Yes indeed, the sheets were wonderfully soft but I had to remove my pajamas one hour after getting into bed AND throw off the quilt! Way too hot! Will try one more night then back they go.

  8. Paid to much to start with and can’t get them to stay tucked on the mattress and they ball up or pill terribly. Won’t order again

  9. Just bought a set of Peach Skin sheets and wish I had read these reviews first. Mine came wrinkled and remained so after washing, the bottom sheet doesn’t fit tight, and they are HOT. They are soft, but I prefer the percale sheets I purchase from The Vermont Country Store. They do wrinkle, but they are crisp and cool.

  10. The Peach Skin Sheets are so soft and cool, really impressive. And following the washing and drying instructions exactly have kept them in great shape. While I am still a bit hot sleeping in these sheets as other reviewers have noted, I honestly don’t think I am any hotter than in my regular cotton sheets. The one important difference with the Peach Skin Sheets…while I may be hot, I don’t wake up sweaty or clammy AT ALL, I’m completely dry and comfortable. That is definitely worth the switch to the Peach Skin Sheets for me. I have not had a single sweaty or clammy night’s sleep with them. So they really do seem to breathe beautifully. I’ve ordered another set.

  11. Brenda Brown says:

    Why are my vintage sheets pilling? They feel rough to my feet in areas. I washed per instructions.

  12. Debra Straker says:

    I have 2 sets and both have pilled. I feel like I have sand in my bed. Very disappointed in these sheets.

  13. I too have considerable pilling on the top and bottom sheets, yuk. They feel cheap and are loose on the mattress even though it’s a thick mattress. The 1500 thread count is deceiving. Going back to my comfy, fresh feeling cotton sheets.

  14. I bought my sheets (2 sets) before I was going to sell my house, so I put them in storage with my other things. When I found them recently, I was excited to use them. I wish I had read reviews before purchasing. While the packaging is very nice, the sheets and pillow cases are put together very poorly. The stitching is fair to bad and part of the material was missed by the sewing machine altogether. The hem on all four pillowcases is totally non existent on one side of each of them. I wouldn’t buy them again and wish I could get a refund for these!

  15. After receiving my first set of sheets and sleeping on then I immediately ordered a second set they fit our king size beds perfect plenty of overhang on both sides of the flat sheets ordering another set today because I like to change my sheets ever 5 to 6 days would change daily if I had the time

  16. I think as everybody has started their comments, mine will be the same as the sheets are very soft. BUT after having them for 4 to 5 months and washing them once every 10 days, they have become threadbare in the middle and now have a large tear in them. So obviously not well-made and not durable.

  17. Lisa Marcus says:

    Purchased these sheets and am very unhappy with them. The queen size are so large they hang way to low on the sides and bottom. The top sheet does not move very easily once it is on top of the fitted sheet. They sort of stick together. I also bought a king size set, same story. Very poorly made. They fool you with the fancy packaging. The money should have been put into making a better quality sheet set. Now that there on my beds, I will use them once and then toss them into a donation box. Very disappointed with these sheets. Warning, do not buy.

  18. I have a queen size high mattress & these fit perfectly! I am not struggling at all to place these on. Top sheet has plenty of extra for the sides, top & bottom. They are soft, cool & comfortable. They wash beautifully. I know I’ve never had a better set of sheets. I had 2 sets & just purchased 2 more plus sent a set to my sister & 2 sons. That’s 7 sets! I must be very pleased! I don’t understand what people are talking about “wrinkles & pills”. Simple instructions…follow them!

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