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Parachute is expanding their product line and now offers pillows. I received their medium down pillow which retails for $89. Parachute really wowed me with their duvet and it was nice to know that the same down that goes into their high-quality duvet also goes into their pillows.

Overview of the Parachute Pillow

My Parachute Pillow Findings

Outside of their showroom in LA, Parachute is sold exclusively online. They are a relatively new company and are expanding their offerings beyond sheets to an entire bedding collection. As I mention in the video above, my wife was surprised by the feel of this pillow. That’s because with cheaper down, you will feel the feathers inside. Often times these feathers will leak out of the pillow, especially after a pillow fight. Cheaper down pillows are also clumpy and inconsistent in their feel.

With Parachute you get good, clean down that just feels amazing. Best of all, with a 750 fill power you get an extra fluffy pillow that’s also light. If you have never purchased a high end down pillow this will come as a surprise.

parachute pillow

I have been sleeping on my Parachute down pillow for a week now and it pairs wonderfully with my Parachute duvet. Since we are near Christmas, it’s only getting colder in Minnesota and it’s time to get cozy! Fellow Minnesotans with old, poorly insulated houses like mine understand the need to keep your head warm at night as well as your body and this pillow does the trick.

At $89, it is a bit of an investment for a pillow but also remember that just like a mattress you will spend about a third of your life with it so might as well be comfortable.

My Parachute Down Pillow Recommendation

Parachute has brought quality down pillows to market at a much more accessible price than the competition.  Here’s a down pillow for from The Company Store. Notice that this is only 50% down with a 50% feather blend at a price of $79-$99.

down pillow

Best of all, with Parachute they have a 30-day guarantee. If you just don’t like their product, you can get it returned for free, they will send you a pre paid shipping return label. Just make sure to keep the original packaging.

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10 thoughts on “Parachute Pillow Review”

  1. Thank you for this review! I wonder how the pillow has held up over time? Is it still as bouncy/fluffy or has it gone flat with use? Thanks for any input!

    1. It has held up very well. The key is buying a pillow with quality materials which Parachute definitely has.

  2. Thanks for the review. I’m curious if there was any odor from the pillow, both when you first received it and now?

  3. Thank you for all of these pillow reviews! I start my night on my side and end up on my back, would you suggest the medium or firm in this pillow? I don’t like my head to be too high so I’m leaning medium but since you’d tried them I thought I’d ask. Thank you!

  4. It looks like the price has risen up to $109 now for a standard medium down pillow. Is that still your preferred buy or is there a better deal for similar quality?

  5. Do you need a pillow protector

    1. Sleep Sherpa


      No. I really don’t like pillow protectors because they take away from the feel of the pillow too much.

  6. Elizabeth Wade


    I thought the price for a medium down standard pillow was $89 but the cart has a price of $109. Help please!

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