Parachute Down Duvet Review

Parachute Down Duvet Review 2

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  • 700 fill count down
  • Great price
  • Light

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I received a free Parachute Duvet for review. Parachute Sheets has one of the most luxurious down duvets on the market right now. I have been using my king size all season down duvet from parachute this December and plan to have it on my bed until the snow melts here in Minnesota, (sometime in April).  What makes this duvet so nice is not only its great insulating capabilities (750 fill power) but also that it is big enough where my wife and I aren’t fighting over it at night.

Overview of the Parachute Down Insert

A quality duvet should last 10 years and if you take good care of it can even last 15 or more years before they need replacing. Spending a little extra on quality is worth it, especially if you live in an area that can get below freezing more than 3 months out of the year. Not only will an efficient duvet look amazing on your bed, it will also allow you to turn down the thermostat even more at night which will save you money on your energy bills.

The Parachute all season duvet is perfect for those cold fall and winter nights due to its 750 fill power. What is fill power in a comforter or duvet? Fill power is a rating that is used to calculate the loftiness of down and how well it insulates. The higher the fill power the less down is needed to insulate resulting in a thinner and lighter duvet.

To give you some context on the value you get with this duvet check out the price of a 700-750 fill down comforter from the Company Store, the Legends Royal Down Comforter at $899.

legends comforter

Unboxing the Parachute Down Insert

Here’s a video showing the Parachute all season duvet out of the box.

My Parachute Down Findings

The Parachute duvet is very similar to the Brooklinen down comforter. Parachute has a higher fill power at 750 compared to 700 for Brooklinen. Another difference is size. For example a king size Parachute duvet is 107×98 whereas the Brooklinen is 107×90.  A king size Parachute duvet is $449 and Brooklinen at $379, a $70 difference.

This duvet also has loops in each corner so you can easily attach a duvet cover.

Parachute duvet

The all-season down Parachute duvet will keep you warm all winter and provide you with a generous amount of coverage. I sleep comfortably with just the duvet, no additional blankets needed. It is light and fluffy too. It’s machine washable and as I mentioned in my video the down is harvested in a humane manner from Europe. Parachute is one of a handful of bedding disruptors out there and they have made luxury down duvets available at an accessible price.  If you want the feeling of staying in a 5-star hotel every night, get this duvet.

Click Here to Shop the Parachute Home Duvet.

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4 thoughts on “Parachute Down Duvet Review”

  1. Josh Kleczka says:

    Will the parachute duvet insert fit alright in the duvet cover by brooklinen? Or vice versa?

    1. The Parachute dimensions are as follows:

      Duvet Cover
      Product Size Dimensions
      (W” x L”)
      Twin/Twin XL 70 x 92
      Full/Queen 90 x 92
      King/Cal King 106 x 94

      Size Dimensions
      (W” x L”) Lightweight
      (Oz) All Season
      Twin/Twin XL 66 x 88 20 25
      Full/Queen 90 x 94 28 35
      King/Cal King 107 x 98 36 45

      Brooklinen dimensions are as follows:

      Duvet cover
      Twin/Twin XL 68″ x 88″
      Full/Queen 88″ x 90″
      King/Cal King 104″ x 90″

      Full/Queen 88″ x 90″
      King 104″ x 90″

      As you can see the are different by a few inches so while they will fit, if you mix and match they won’t look as nice on you bed.

  2. Is it odd Parachute’s king comforter is larger than it’s king duvet cove?

  3. I have both the comforter and duvet cover— it’s the duvet cover that’s actually larger— they use a standard size for both eastern and cal king, so it kinda floats in there even when tied to the corners.

    It’s a bit of a PITA to get both sides even when making the bed, but not the end of the world.

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