Original Purple vs Purple 2 ,Purple 3 and Purple 4 Mattresses

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Purple just launched 3 new mattresses to their line which incorporate their famous purple grid system that gives it a unique feel.  So how do these mattresses compare to the original Purple mattress,? Let’s break them down so that you can make the right choice.  In short, I recommend giving the original Purple a try first since it’s the most economical and has a great feel overall. The other mattresses offer a thicker grid system and springs which can make the mattress feel plusher.

The reasoning behind the numbers is that they correspond with the depth of the comfort grid system on the mattress. The Purple 2 has 2 inches, the Purple 3 has 3 inches and the Purple 4 has 4 inches of the polymer grid as illustrated below. All of the new Purple mattresses incorporate a spring system as the base layer.

The Original Purple

If you want the full breakdown on the Purple mattress, check out my full Purple Mattress Review.  Basically, the Original is the only mattress in the Purple line that does not have springs. It will, therefore, have the least amount of motion transfer and will feel the firmest. I recommend this mattress for back and stomach sleepers while it will still accommodate side sleepers but if you want to go more plush, I would check out the Purple 3 or 4.

Purple 2

Below is a breakdown on the specifications of the Purple 2:

2” Smart Comfort Grid

The New-School Classic. The bed that started it all—now with some serious upgrades.

  • Purple® Smart Comfort Grid for body-adaptive relief and support
  • 7.5” Responsive Support Coils enhance dynamic pressure relief and spinal alignment
  • 2-inch Purple® grid layer is ideal for back sleepers and those who prefer a slightly firmer feel to their mattress

The Purple 3 is sort of the medium feel among the line. It includes a pocket coil system and therefore will have some motion transfer but will be a bit bouncy, something lacking in the original mattress.

Here are the specs as listed on their website:

Purple.3 with three inches of hyper-elastic polymer

3” Smart Comfort Grid

The Sweet Spot. The zero-compromise compromise. Everybody gets what they want.

  • Purple® Smart Comfort Grid for body-adaptive relief and support
  • 7.5” Responsive Support Coils enhance dynamic pressure relief and spinal alignment
  • 3-inch Purple® grid layer is optimal for sleep position changers
  • Perfect balance of soft and firm for couples with mixed mattress-feel preferences who share the same bed

Purple 4

The Purple 4 is the plush luxury mattress. you get 4 inches of the gel layer which makes for a really heavy mattress! What I like about this mattress is that you get a plush feel where you will sink in more plus all the benefits of springs. The advantage is that it is still breathable given the grid system.

Purple.4 with four inches of hyper-elastic polymer

4” Smart Comfort Grid

The Radical Magical. A straight-up scientific marvel. So comfortable, you’ll never want to leave your bed again.

  • Purple® Smart Comfort Grid for body-adaptive relief and support
  • 7.5” Responsive Support Coils enhance dynamic pressure relief and spinal alignment
  • 4-inch Purple® grid layer is ideal for any sleep position—especially side sleepers
  • Perfect for sleepers with a soft mattress-feel preference
  • Zero gravity-like feel for deep, whole body relaxation

Please keep in mind that these are heavy mattresses. Below are the dimensions and weights of each of the models.

Purple 2 Queen
Product Dimensions:
Weight: 122 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 60” x 16” diameter

Purple 3 Queen
Product Dimensions:
Weight: 145 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 60” x 16” diameter

Purple 4 Queen
Product Dimensions:
Weight: 168 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 60” x 16” diameter

My Purple Mattress Recommendation

Still wondering which Purple is right for you? Don’t worry too much as they all come with a 100 night no pressure guarantee. They will refund your money if you find it’s not right for you within 100 days.

Stomach and back sleepers will like the original purple and if you want some bounce go with the Purple 2.

Side sleepers will like the Purple 3 and 4 while the Purple 4 will be the most plush out of them all.

Purple is also an excellent choice for hot sleepers. The polymer grid which comprises the top layer of the mattress and makes it so unique is also extremely breathable. Air passes right through the top layer which means it won’t trap heat and will keep you temperature neutral all night long.

Learn more about these new offerings from Purple.