Not in the mood for sex? You just need more sleep, say scientists | Daily Mail Online

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Wow, interesting article about lack of sleep affecting libido. Also each hour of sleep increases likelihood of sexual activtity with a partner by 14%!! The sleep sex correlation is out and it should be a wake up call to all people who have issues with their sex life to try and hit the hay earlier, maybe so they can take a roll in the hay?

Here’s a key excerpt from the study:

Sleep was also important for genital arousal, according to the research, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Specifically, women who slept longer experienced fewer problems with vaginal arousal than those who obtained less sleep.

‘The influence of sleep on sexual desire and arousal has received little attention in the field,’ said Dr David Kalmbach, of the University of Michigan.

‘But these findings indicate that insufficient sleep can decrease sexual desire and arousal for women.

He added: ‘I think the take-home message should not be that more sleep is better, but that it is important to allow ourselves to obtain the sleep that our mind and body needs.’

So if you are a man who’s female partner just never seems to be in the mood this could be your culprit.

Try and be firm with your bedtime ritual. You may think you are being more productive by staying up late to finish a task but in the end it just makes you less productive and groggy the next day.

Check out the full article here:

Not in the mood for sex? You just need more sleep, say scientists | Daily Mail Online.

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