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Nidra Sleep Mask Review

Nidra Sleep Mask Review 3

Recently updated on November 13th, 2022 at 05:54 am

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The Nidra sleep mask is made for people that don’t like sleep masks. It’s patented design makes you feel like you’re not wearing anything because it mask does not make contact with your eyelids. Think of wearing a small bra around your eyes.

Nidra sleep mask

It is very lightweight and comfortable. Because there’s no direct contact with your eyes, it’s adequately breathable as well which is very important when trying to get a good night’s sleep.

As far as blocking out light, this is one of the best sleep masks I have used for light blocking. Some sleep masks I have reviewed let light in down by my nose. Maybe it’s because I have a big nose but still, not a good indicator.

The strap on the back is easily adjustable which makes it great if you want to share it with your partner. The fact that its lightweight means taking on a trip is a no brainer.

One last benefit is that if you wear makeup and want to nap during the day, it isn’t going to smear anything because again, there’s no contact on your eyes. So if you want to nod off a little at the office on lunch hour, this makes it that much easier.

The Nidra sleep mask can be bought on Amazon for under $12.00. Given all the benefits, this is a great deal. Definitely add this to your sleep arsenal.

If ou are looking for a quality sleeping mask nidra deep rest eye mask my favorite out of all the sleep masks I have been given for review.  Don’t try going to Target or Walmre for a sleep mask, there aren’t many sleeping masks near me to just go out and purchase, the best sleeping eye mask will be found online through Amazon or directly through the retailer.

The Nidra Eye Mask is a luxury sleep mask and also a weighted sleep mask that will help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep even after the sun comes up.  A cheaper option would be the Alaska Bear sleep mask but it doesn’t completely black out all the light like the Nidra sleep eye mask.  The memory foam in the Nidra add that extra comfort so you can even sleep on your stomach without causing irritation around your eyes.  The Nidra is the best sleep mask you can buy right now.

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2 thoughts on “Nidra Sleep Mask Review”

  1. I have bought any many sleep masks. This is the most comfortable sleep mask that I’ve ever used. One positive thing I can say about this mask is that it is lightweight and adjustable.

  2. I love the sleep mask. It never touches my eyelids so I can come here like open my eyes and it’s still dark & I love the way it fits

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