Nest Bedding Owl Natural Hybrid Latex Review

Nest Hybrid Latex Mattress Review

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Nest Hybrid Latex


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Nest Bedding continues to innovate and bring value to the mattress market. Their latest mattress, the Nest Owl Hybrid Latex, is a step forward for people that are looking for a mattress that incorporates natural materials but feels like a quality traditional mattress that will hold up very well over time.

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Ordering the Nest Owl Hybrid Latex

With improvements in roll packing technology, mattresses with pocket coil systems can be compressed into UPS or FedEx shippable boxes that can be delivered to your doorstep. This mattress is no exception. After placing your order it should arrive in about a week. You can choose from two different firmness options, medium or firm. I think the vast majority of people will be happy with the medium which is what I recommend ordering unless you know you prefer a firm mattress.

Nest Owl Hybrid Latex Review

Unboxing the Nest Hybrid Latex

This mattress is heavy so you may need some help getting it out of the box onto your bed. Once you do, it’s easy to remove the plastic and as you can see in the video below, the bed inflates almost instantly and is ready to sleep on right away. This is the advantage to a coil/latex system. Foam takes a little longer to fully expand and there is also the element of off gassing with foam. With latex, there is virtually no off gassing because latex is a natural material. Latex recovers instantly as well.

Construction of the Alexander Hybrid Latex

Below are the specifications of this mattress according to Nest Bedding:Natural hybrid latex layers

  • 1.5″ – Organic Stretch Knit Cotton and Joma Wool with Eco-Flex Quilting Foam Cover
  • 3″ – OEKO-TEX® Certified Natural Dunlop Latex
  • 1″ – Certi-PUR Transitional Comfort Foam
  • 6″ – Reinforced Edge Coil Support Pocketed Coils
  • 1″ – 1.5 lb. Support Foam

Here’s a picture of the inside of the mattress showing the top layer of latex. Notice that the latex has holes which is standard. This allows for even more breathability. Since the layer beneath that is coils, there is even more ventilation through the bottom of the mattress. The top layer is easy to unzip and has a quality copper zipper.

latex mattress layer

My Nest Alexander Hybrid Latex Findings

This mattress feels more like an innerspring mattress than a latex mattress. By that I mean the springs will give you more of a floating sensation. With an all latex mattress it feels like there is some push back with the latex. The coils mitigate this by providing some extra give to allow the mattress to contour to your body better.

Here’s a picture to show you how much the mattress sinks. This is a 14 lb. bowling ball:

hybrid latex

This mattress will sleep cooler than a foam mattress because it is latex and foam. The wool inside the cover also helps regulate temperature so that you’re not too hot or too cold. Below is an infrared video showing heat retention.

This mattress has much more bounce than the foam hybrid mattresses because the coils and latex both contribute to bounce.

Here’s a video illustrating bounce and motion transfer. Obviously, you will be getting more motion transfer on this mattress. However, if you do go with a king size you may get a little less transfer than a queen because with the king you get two pieces of latex put side by side.

My Alexander Latex Hybrid Recommendation

The Nest Bedding Hybrid Latex mattress is another winner from Nest Bedding. This mattress should have wide appeal and is built to last. You can easily get 20 years from latex and the zoned pocket coil system should give you at least 8-10 years of quality support.

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14 thoughts on “Nest Bedding Owl Natural Hybrid Latex Review”

  1. If the pocket coil system gives you 8-10 years, then isn’t that the lifetime of the bed?

    1. Yes, I wouldn’t expect them to last much longer than this.

  2. How would you say this mattress compares to the My Green Mattress Natural Escape?

    1. The biggest difference is that with the Nest you can customize the firmness settings. That’s the main advantage.

  3. I’m curious how you would compare this bed to the Winkbed. I’m trying out the Winkbed as we speak and like it a lot. However when I sleep on my side I think it would be even better if there was just a little more foam for a little more hug or softeness. Although I love the feel of memory foam, I’m also hyper sensitive to it and sleep super hot no matter how sophisticated the technology is. So that makes it harder to find a good bed these days. I did like the Leesa and slept much cooler on it thanks to the avena foam on top. But I wish it was just a little thicker and substantial of a mattress than the 10 inches that it is. So far the Winkbed is the best I’ve tried but just came across this new nest bed latex hybrid and wanted to see what you thought. Thank you!

    1. I don’t think that latex provides as good of pressure relief as foam. If you want to go softer than the Winkbed, you may want to consider the Crave Mattress or the Soft Alexander Hybrid.

  4. How do you think this mattress compares to the Keetsa TEA LEAF DREAM? That bed is also combines coils and latex.

    1. I found the Nest Hybrid Latex to be a little softer.

  5. Bart York says:

    How does the Nest Hybrid Latex compare to the Brentwood Home Cedar

  6. How does the Nest Hybrid compare to the avocado green mattress?

    1. The Nest Hybrid (medium firm) is much softer than the Avocado with or without the pillow top.

  7. Your site is great! I think I’ve narrowed my selections down to this and the Brentwood Home Cedar. Can you provide me with a quick comparison of feel and heat retention? I sleep hot and sleep on both my side and stomach. Thank you so much for your help!

    1. Sleep Sherpa says:

      The Cedar is a fairly temperature neutral mattress. It has a layer of organic cotton batting underneath the organic cotton cover so it is definitely breathable and I don’t think you should have any issues sleeping hot. Definitely sleeps cooler than any foam mattress.

  8. Bob Baron says:

    I tried the nest hybrid at the store and thought it was the best for me that I tried.
    I read in a review that Nest replaced the cotton cover that had wool in it with a cotton/poly foam cover. Is it true that the cover was woven with wool and is not anymore? Also I have been looking at the Brentwood Ceder. I have a feeling this would be too firm for me. Is it true that the Nest hybrid in medium is softer than the ceder and is one of the more softer latex beds?

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