Nest Bedding Cooling Mattress Protector

Nest Bedding Mattress Protector

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The Nest Bedding cooling mattress protector is an affordable and effective way to make your bed a little cooler. This mattress protector incorporates phase change technology that makes it cool to the touch and draws heat away from your body while you sleep. This is a great choice for people that sleep hot. A queen size currently retails for $129.00 while the comparable  Malouf Ice Tech is currently selling at $279.

Overview of the Nest Cooling Mattress Protector

This mattress protector is only available through the Nest Bedding website. It should arrive to your door about a week after ordering. One of the highlights of this product is that the packaging is gorgeous. It feels like you are unboxing an iPhone. Here’s a picture of the box.

Nest Mattress Protector

Notice the nice “thank you” card included as well…

Cool Mattress Protector

Below is a video that shows some of the highlights of the cooling mattress protector.


Benefits of the Nest cooling mattress protector.

Below are some of the benefits as listed from the Nest Website

  • Protects top and sides of the mattress
  • Liquid-proof yet breathable
  • Stops allergens and dust mites
  • Cooling
  • Fits mattresses up to 18″ deep
  • Industry Leading 100-night guarantee.

My Mattress Protector Findings

This mattress protector will sleep cooler than a conventional mattress protector and given the price it’s not that much more to pay. Below is a video shot with my infrared camera to show how quickly heat dissipates. I found this to be just as effective as the Malouf brand.

This is also waterproof and machine washable so you get all the benefits of a regular protector. When comparing the Nest protector to the Malouf protector, I found that the Malouf protector was a bit thicker and also more slippery. By that I mean your sheets slide around on top of the protector. This will lead to fitted sheets coming loose faster. Since it is thicker it will take away from the original feel of your mattress.

My Recommendation

I highly recommend mattress protectors in general because they not only keep your mattress clean and looking new, they also prevent dust mites from entering and reduce allergy issues. A major complaint with traditional mattress protectors is that they sleep hot. Really old or cheap mattress protectors will have a layer of vinyl which don’t breathe at all and trap heat. This mattress pad has a breathable membrane as well as cooling phase change technology that can keep you cooler than your original mattress.

There are now many mattresses on the market that have a cooling phase change cover built into the mattress, however, if you cover with a mattress pad that doesn’t have this technology or is not breathable, it totally negates the effectiveness. It’s better to get the mattress that has the most comfort for your needs then add something like this cooling protector if you find it is sleeping to hot.

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