Nectar Pillow Review

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The Nectar Mattress company recently gave me their newest pillow for review. The Nectar Pillow is a shredded memory foam pillow with a Tencel cover. The cover itself is removable and machine washable. If you buy a Nectar mattress, you will get 2 free Nectar pillows Below I break down the pros and cons of the Nectar Pillow so you can decide if it’s right for you.

Overview of the Nectar Pillow

The Nectar Pillow retails for $75. You can order it direct from their website. The pillow I received came in a plastic package like the one below. If you bought the Nectar Mattress it will come compressed in the mattress and will expand along with your mattress.

Nectar Mattress Pillow Review

Here’s a video that covers some of the highlights of this pillow.


The pillow will expand into shape fairly quickly but I advise fluffing it up and loosening the shredded foam. An easy way to do this is put it in the dryer on a no heat setting. I also throw in a dryer sheet to freshen it up a bit. When the pillow is compressed the foam can get locked together and a dryer is a good way to get the most loft out of your pillow. I would advise doing this before making any adjustments to the loft.

Here’s what the pillow looks like a few minutes after opening it. Notice I have it on a Nectar mattress as well. The cover of the pillow is made by quilting the outer Tencel fabric into a gel memory foam that gives it a unique look and feel. This is the same method used to make the cover of the mattress.

I like that the cover is Tencel as it makes it more breathable than cotton. Surprisingly, I didn’t notice much off-gassing with these pillows but then again the pillows I received weren’t vacuum packed.

Nectar Pillow Review

This pillow is made with a shredded memory foam. The size of the foam pieces vary. Here’s a peek at the inside of the Nectar Pillow.  Notice that there’s an inner and outer cover.

Inside Nectar Nectar Pillow

To get a sense of what the foam feels like, here’s a little clip of me squishing the memory foam. Notice that it recovers slowly but also means that it will contour well.

Here’s another view of the pillow from the side where you can see the mesh panels which allow for better airflow into the pillow. You can also see the zipper where you can access the inner chamber. The inner chamber also has a zipper which means you can remove the outer cover and wash it if it gets dirty.

Nectar Pillow Side View

My Nectar Pillow Recommendation

If you are looking for a new pillow, the Nectar pillow is definitely one to consider. I think that this pillow pairs very well with the nectar mattress as both the pillow and mattress have the same type of foam feel which gives your whole body the feeling of sleeping in a Nectar. Because the Nectar Mattress is so competitively priced, I think that it would make sense to buy the mattress and then get the two free pillows that come with it. You can read my full Nectar mattress review here.

Learn more about the Nectar Pillow

10 thoughts on “Nectar Pillow Review”

  1. We received 2 Nectar pillows with our mattress and they are not the same as what you reviewed. They are uncomfortable. So beware of the deal with your mattress purchase.

    1. You are exactly right Kelly. I received the two scrappy Resident brand pillows as well. Although they are fairly comfortable, they pale in comparison to these pillows. I was also told the company has quit making the Nectar Pillow and instead only sells the Resident pillows me and you have. Talk about a really dumb business decision. I’m sure it was money based and the Nectar pillow probably cost more money to manufacture vs the new one. I don’t think the customers are going to find this very attractive in the future as I was Super disappointed when I got my pillows.

      1. I received the pillows when I bought the mattress and I got the same exact pillows as in this article. I bought it about 6 months ago

    2. I also received 2 pillows that were not terrible but definitely not Nectar pillows. I called Nectar and they sent the correct pillows which are great. I was able to keep the others, too.

  2. Marc Griffith


    I think I received a different pillow also. I live the mattress, but hate the pillows. I got them free with the mattress. Flat and hard. Used them 2 nights. I could see them at Tuesday Morning for $16.95.

  3. Heather Ford


    That’s the pillow I thought I was getting with my nectar mattress, and was so happy bc of neck & spine issues I can’t use many pillows. I’m annoyed the pillow I goy is some residence brand that feels like a hard memory foam, which I can’t use. Too bad nectar had you review a great pillow that’s not the one in their bundle.

    1. Same experience! They sent me a new one but both are uncomfortable and they know they are doing this. Not sure why they do it because the mattress is so comfortable. Pillows are hard as a rock and are very uncomfortable.

  4. I also received the cheaper resident pillows, even though when I ordered online the photo and description was the nectar pillows. Super frustrating, I returned them.

  5. Anonymous


    I received my pillows and they wont inflate even after 7 hrs of them being opened…

  6. The Resident pillow was a disappointment. Lumpy and flat. Not a good pillow for anyone.

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