Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame: Is It a Good Value?

Nectar Adjustable Bed Review

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Ease of Setup





  • 100 Day Trial
  • Easy to Setup
  • Very Quiet Motor


  • Remote looks a bit dated

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Nectar offers an adjustable bed frame that will work with you Nectar mattress or any mattress that comes in a box. This bed frame is a really good value. A queen size retails for $799. In this review, we will break down what you get for the money and how it stacks up against the other adjustable beds on the market. While adjustable beds seem complicated, they aren’t. In fact, many of them are made by just a handful of manufacturers so what it really comes down to is what features you want for the best price. Nectar delivers in both categories.

Overview of the Nectar Adjustable Bed

Here’s a video overview of how the bed works and some of its main features. This base has a super quiet motor so it won’t wake your partner if you adjust it while they are sleeping. It is super easy to set up too.

Ordering and Delivery of Your Nectar Adjustable

You can this bed directly through the Nectar website. Delivery should be about 1-2 weeks. Shipping is free and you get a 100-day risk free trial. If you don’t like it, just hop on to the website and initiate a chat session to get it picked up free of charge.

It will come in a box like this.

How Much Does the Nectar Bed Cost?

Below are the current prices of the bed. I often get asked where to buy a twin size adjustable bed but I have yet to find one. Instead, they start at twin xl. Same with a California king adjustable bed, these aren’t common and I don’t know who makes them which is why I always recommend a regular king over a cal king. To make a king size adjustable you put two twin xls next to each other.

Twin XL $649
Full (sold out)
Queen $799
King $1,199

How to Setup your Adjustable

Setting this adjustable bed is a breeze it comes in a box the size of the bed so when you get it out of the box it is just about ready to go. All you need to do is attach the motor to the base, plug the cables to the power supply,  screw in the bottom legs, flip it over and plug it in.

Here’s a picture of what it looks like right out of the box. As you can see there aren’t that many parts.

Bottom of Nectar Adjustable Base

All the plugs are color coded so it’s easy to get everything plugged in quickly without mistakes.

Overview of the Nectar Adjustable Bed

This bed comes with the following features standard:

Adjustable Head and Foot

You can raise or lower the bed to your preferred setting. If you go with the split king you can adjust either side independently. If for instance you have acid reflux and want to sleep with your back elevated you can do that while your partner lies flat. In this case, I strongly recommend buying two twin xl mattresses. You can buy the same brand or different brands depending on preference.

3 Zone Massage

Want to massage your back and not your legs? This bed can do that. The gentle vibrations of this bed make help lull you into a relaxed state you help you fall asleep faster. If you make the massage a nightly routine before bed, your body will associate the massage with sleep.

Zero Gravity Setting

A zero gravity position puts the least amount of stress on your body and is a great sleeping position.

Programmable Memory

Over time you will find that perfect spot for sleeping or watching tv. Once you do, the remote has a programmable memory where you can save your position and get back to it with the press of a button. This turns your bed into a true piece of useful furniture so you don’t have to pile up and move pillows around.

Here’s a picture of the remote you get.

Nectar Remote

USB Plugs

Although it’s not recommended you know it’s hard to leave your phone out of your bed. Thankfully, this bed also has USB ports built in so you can charge your phone and go on a Netflix binge without draining your battery. This also creates a cleaner aesthetic and won’t clutter your nightstand.

USB port nectar bedMy Nectar Adjustable Bed Recommendation

For the money, you get some really great features. This is also true with the Nectar mattress both are an incredible value and will work together seamlessly. Compare this bed with similar features in the Leggett and Platt S-Cape which comes in at $1,149.o0 for a queen size and you’ll see just how much value you really get.


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9 thoughts on “Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame: Is It a Good Value?”

  1. Just an FYI. You can’t use a headboard with the Nectar adjustable frame, I was told it voids the warranty.

    1. Will a Nectar headboard & frame system work with this adjustable?

    2. Anonymous says:

      To be fair, that’s true of about half the adj bed bases on the market.

  2. Price




    Ease of Setup




    I bought two twin xl adjustable beds. It is better than 90 percent of the adjustable beds on the market at a much lower cost. It has three programmable buttons .

  3. Can this bed frame sit flat on the floor and still work? Can I put it on my platform storage bed and use it without the legs? Does it have adjustable leg heights?

  4. Terry Douglass says:

    Can this frame be used with a sleep number mattress ?,

  5. Troy Cole says:

    Where can I get a control box for nectar?

  6. My tuft and needle mint not compatible with Nectar adjustable base ?
    What mattresses are compatible besides a Nectar mattress?
    I either need to return the base or buy new mattress

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