Natural Mattress

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A natural mattress or organic mattress is a graet choice if you have chemical sensitivities or just want a mattress that is made of sustainable material that is good for the earth, there are now many options available. What you will primarily find is latex or spring and latex mattresses in the natural and organic mattress category. Latex rubber has good pressure relief properties and also offers more bounce than memory foam. Latex usually breathes better than memory foam as well because there are tiny holes in it which is part of the manufacturing process.

Natural mattresses shouldn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Companies like My Green Mattress and Nest Bedding have some great options at a good price point. If you are in the market for an all latex mattress, I highly recommend Zen Haven largely because they have a free trial period. Something that is hard to find among all natural latex brands.

I don’t think Organic mattress is a proper way to label these mattresses since there is at some point some level of processed material in the mattresses I have reviewed. For instance, the steel springs must be manufactured as well as the zipper for the cover. That said, they are much more environmentally friendly than memory foam mattresses.