My Pillow Mattress Review

my pillow mattress review

Recently updated on December 6th, 2022 at 11:25 pm

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My Pillow, famous for their unique feeling foam pillow now has a mattress for purchase. In fact, the base layer of foam used in the mattress is the same foam used in their pillow. What struck me about this mattress is that when I first laid down, I thought there were springs in it because of the good support and pressure relief. Instead, it’s multiple layers of resilient foam put together in a unique way to provide a one of a kind feel.  This mattress comes shipped in a box directly to your house and is Made in the USA.

Similar to the My Pillow it has a one of a kind feel that is sure to set it apart from the pack which is why you should take it into consideration. The foam used is breathable resilient so you will adjust in no time. at 10 inches thick it accommodates all types of sheets and is light enough to easily transport.

Overview of the MyPillow Mattress

Here’s a video overview of the MyPillow Mattress.


How Much Does the My Pillow Mattress Cost?

Here are the retail prices and price after discount as listed on their website. You can use the My Pillow Mattress promo code BED100 at checkout for the $100 off.

SizeRetail PricePrice After Discount
Twin XL$699.98$599.98
California King$999.98$899.98

Construction of the My Pillow Mattress

Here’s a photo of the inside of the My Pillow mattress where you can see each layer of foam. With the multiple layers of foam, you get good transition into the mattress so it doesn’t feel like you are just sleeping on one piece of foam but a legit mattress.

My Pillow Mattress Construction

  • Layer 1

Quilted MyPillow QDS® Fabric Cover

This special comfort finish is soft and cooling. It is also quick drying and stain resistant.

  • Layer 2

High Airflow Comfort Foam

Provides maximum airflow to keep your body at a comfortable temperature throughout the night. It has 4.5x more airflow and is 3X more moisture wicking than traditional foam.

  • Layer 3

Extra Soft Comfort Foam Transition Layer

This layer is made up of plush, extra-soft high density foam.

  • Layer 4

Plush Transitional Comfort Foam

Second layer with firmer transitional foam to increase the overall performance of the mattress.

  • Layer 5

Supportive Base Foam Layer

The same foam used in all MyPillow® products creates the perfect supportive base that reinforces and stabilizes the mattress.

My Pillow Mattress Findings

This is a very versatile mattress and would be suitable for all sleepers. One caveat is that I wouldn’t recommend it for heavy sleepers and I think it may lack the support needed. If you are over around 220 lbs, you may want to consider looking at a mattress with denser foam or low gauge coils. However, if you are lighter, this is a great mattress for side back and stomach sleepers although I think that side and back sleepers, in particular, will be most pleased.

I love how this mattress cradles me quickly and is easy to move around on. It has a more traditional feel and doesn’t feel like your a sleeping on foam at all. And, because it’s all foam there’s basically no motion transfer either.

The My Pillow Mattress Recommendation

If you are a fan of My Pillow I think you should definitely give their mattress a try. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked this mattress. It comes with a 120-day guarantee with free returns if you don’t like the mattress within that time period and comes shipped in a box right to your house so no need to wait for a delivery.

Learn more about the My Pillow Mattress


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