Mosaic Weighted Blankets Review

Mosaic Weighted Blankets Review 2

Recently updated on March 24th, 2017 at 02:22 pm

Weighted blankets can have an instant calming effect for anyone dealing with anxiety. I came across this type of blanket through a google alert on sleep. I bought a 20lb. Star Wars themed weighted blanket from Mosaic Weighted Blankets. You can purchase this blanket either from their website or via Amazon.

These blankets are made by created pockets from the fabric and filling them with beads to add weight. The pockets keep the beads evenly separate so that the blanket applies consistent pressure. According to the Mosaic website, the benefits of a weighted blanket are as follows:

Here’s how the blanket looks out of the box:



These blankets come in various sizes depending on size and/or age. As far as choosing weight, there is a chart you can refer to from the company’s website. As a rule of thumb they recommend 10% of body weight for children and 5-10% of body weight for adults. I weigh around 200 lbs. which is why I bought the 20 lb. blanket.


I don’t think you have to officially diagnosed with a particular disorder for benefit from this. Using the blanket is like getting a nice hug. You feel safe and secure which allows you to relax. The beads inside the blanket do not insulate which allows you to use the blanket year round. In the summer people often like to cover up even though its hot. Rather than cranking up the air conditioner and crawling under a duvet, this would be a more efficient solution.

The blankets are machine washable up to 12 lbs. over than they recommend washing them in a commercial washer on the gentle setting. Do not dry clean.

There are plenty of patterns to choose from but I was drawn to the Star Wars theme. You can even send in your own material and pattern to have them make a blanket out of it or conversely, you can buy the toxic free poly pellets that are used to fill the blankets and make one your self.

I think these blankets would also make a nice gift for someone dealing with some difficulties in their life.

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