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moon pod review

Recently updated on November 3rd, 2022 at 04:45 am

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The Moon Pod is a new-age bean bag that got its start on Kickstarter, raising millions of dollars. It is now available to purchase on their stand-alone website. This is a lightweight piece of furniture that is versatile and great for family movie nights when you need some extra lounge options. Its unique shape means it’s versatile enough to be used as a chair, a lounge or even a small bed.

I received a space gray color Moon Pod review along with the removable cover which is washable. Below are my findings on using the Moon Pod for family nights which my kids love. 

If you are a bigger fellow or maybe want to cuddle with your beau, check out the Super Moon Pod which is wider and built for two. You can read my full Super Moon Pod Review here. Either way, the Moon Pod weighs considerably less than competitors like the LoveSac or even a traditional bean bag. 

Overview of the Moon Pod

Here’s a video overview of the Moon Pod. I’m 6’4 so taller than most people and therefore the Moon Pod probably wasn’t an ideal fit for my body size but I still enjoyed it in a sitting position. This isn’t your average beanbag and although the Moon Pod price was originally high, it has come down over the years. 

Your Moon Pod will arrive in a box like the one below.

moon pod box

When you open the box you will find that the cover is in a separate bag as well as some instructions. The Moon Pod uses thousands of high friction microbeads that form together under pressure to create unique and versatile positions. 

moon pod opened

The instruction card comes with some suggestion lounging positions.

moon pod instructions

Assembly is simple but it does take a little time getting the cover on since it is meant to fit snug. Just be persistent. Once inside you just zip it up and you are ready to go. The cover has a great feel and stretch to it and is made of spandex. If it gets a little dirty from a spill or dusty floors, it’s quick to take off and throw in the wash. 

moon pod cover

How Much Does the Moon Pod Cost?

A Moon Pod currently retails for $399. There’s only one size and it is often discounted. Right now you can get $150 off through this link.


My Moon Pod Findings and Moon Pod Review

For its size, I was surprised at how light the Moon Pod is. Other bean bags I’ve tried have been heavy and bulky, but the moon pod can be lifted and carried with one hand. 
The Moon Pod claims to have a weightless, space-age feel that’s similar to a float tank. When we tried it out for ourselves we were impressed with how unique it did feel. 
moon pod lounging
Its great for gaming, watching TV, reading, and just laying around. The moon pod provides versatility of comfort in three main positions: sitting in it like a chair, a recliner, or laying flat. Depending on how you approach your sit you can mold it to how you need it.
Unlike an old school bean bag chair, I didn’t feel like I was sliding downwards and have to constantly scoot up back into position. This really molds you your body and stays there. That’s what makes it the best bean bag chair for the money.
The moon pod found that sitting at a 135 degree angle provides the ultimate spinal support. Those with back issues with things like scoliosis could benefit from. This is a the perfect type of furniture to use with a weighted blanket. 
moon pod zero gravity
I know what you’re thinking; that’s a lot of money for a bean bag. If you look online at other bean bags you’ll find prices that are easily double that don’t offer this level of innovation. 
If you decide the Moon Pod isn’t for you, that’s ok, you’ve got 14 days to send it back. Just remember to save all the original packaging to box it back up. You’ll also need to pay return shipping and a restocking fee. 

MoonPod Review Final Thoughts

The Moon Pod is an impressive new take on the classic bean bag. They’re using pellets instead of chopped up foam so there’s a traditional feel to this. It brings me back to playing video games on the floor in the early 90’s. While it may not make you feel like you’re laying in a float tank, it’s definitely a new sensation that’s worth trying.  I do wish that it was a bit bigger given my size as I think that would give me even more ergonomic support.
The negative reviews surrounding Moon Pod are the high cost which is true but it does feel great and if you are looking for a uniquely engineered, ultra-supportive piece of furniture that is easy to move, this is definitely worth considering. 
I would also like to see an outdoor cover for the Moon Pod so that I can bring it out on the lawn or patio when I’m hanging out with friends. The cover that it comes with is easy to wash and can be dried on tumble dry low heat but I would worry about water getting through the cover. 
I don’t wash my Moon Pod often as it is still sort of a chore to put back on but it is easy to lint roll in between washings. 
Moon Pod has launched bean bag technology into the space age for bean bag enthusiasts all over the world. 
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