Miracle Bamboo Pillow Review

Miracle Bamboo Pillow






Neck Support




Off Gassing



  • Nice packaging
  • soft cover


  • Costs money to return
  • Slow Shipping

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I recently came across the Miracle Bamboo Pillow as I was perusing the “As Seen on TV” display at a local Walmart.  It was located on the bottom shelf next to the “Kitty Shack” and below “Bright Time Buddies” and adjacent to the Muscle Milk cooler. But, since I’m always on the lookout for new sleep products, this caught my attention. I also just reviewed the Miracle Bamboo Seat Cushion which I’m not a fan of.

Bamboo miracle pillow

Rather than purchase it from Walmart, I thought I would try purchasing it through the website. miraclebamboopillow.com. And what a fiasco that was.

What seemed like an easy purchase led me down the road of multiple checkout screens asking me to add extra pillows, pillow cases and sheets. The pillow listed at $29.95. The fine print is that you also pay $9.95 shipping & handling. At one point I was asked to upgrade to the deluxe for an extra amount which I did.. Below is the total amount I paid, $48.85.  You also have to pay for return shipping if you don’t like it which will push the cost close to $60 if you return it.

miracle pillow receipt

Also, check out the $1 “Web Service Fee” since when did it cost extra money to buy something online?

If you want a “free” return shipping. You are asked to sign up for a program where you pay a MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION fee of close to $13/month! It’s free for 30 days but if you forget they will start billing you. Why doesn’t this company accept free returns?

shipping c card

I haven’t received the Bamboo Miracle PIllow yet but I did feel it at Walmart and I wasn’t impressed at all.

Here’s a picture of the pillow out of the packaging:

miracle bamboo pillow

And here’s a side view of the pillow.

side view miracle bamboo pillow

Finally, here’s a peek at the inside cover of the pillow:

bamboo pillow insidesUPDATE February 22, 2016

I finally received the Miracle Bamboo Pillow today so it has been almost a month now. Below is my video and initial reactions. I’m not that impressed with this pillow especially given all the hassle.

This company is now offering the Miracle Bamboo Cushion for your office chair or car seat. It’s the same annoying checkout process as the pillow and inundated with upsells. Here’s my final bill after trying to get the 2 for 1 offer that they are promoting. I paid $46.85. I still don’t know what the “Web Service Fee” is.

miracle bamboo cushion cost


If after reading this you are still tempted to purchase the Miracle Bamboo Pillow, I recommend using Amazon. Amazon has hassle free returns.

A pillow I like more is the  COOP Shredded foam Pillow.

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3 thoughts on “Miracle Bamboo Pillow | Totally NOT worth it”

  1. Firmness




    Neck Support




    Off Gassing


    I totally agree, the pillow is not anything special. I feel I wasted my money. I bought it at Walmart so didn’t have the ordering hassle. I would not buy another one.

  2. I bought one from WalMart. It doesnt conform to anything and my sleppless nights are still sleepless. I have still awoken with neck, arm and shoulder pain. Also more headaches than normal. It was totally a waste of money.

  3. Firmness




    Neck Support




    Off Gassing


    I purchased this pillow at Marshalls for 19.99 and all I can say is, I ran back to buy another!
    This pillow is the best ever! It is the perfect pillow I have been looking for something like this forever, I like to mold my pillow to how I sleep on my side and this is the one, it took me so many pillows till I found this one! Very very very happy with Miracle Bamboo pillow!

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